Monday, May 03, 2004

Got myself a roasted leg!

This time will go by item number…

#1 Got lost on Friday in my own home area. I was looking for an apartment for my parents who are moving back to the city in 3 months, the town is very small, so small it only has 3 Avenues and 6 main streets. I drove around the same blocks for 15 minutes and I could not find the way out. I was in a maze. Right when I thought I found the exit I hit a dead end. Took me 1 hour to get out of there and to realize I was only 10 blocks away from my home.

#2 Got lost in a shopping mall Saturday while I was looking at a purse, thinking boyfriend was behind me I turned around to show him the purse … Yikes! Where did he go? Spent 20 minutes walking in circles, I could see the perfume ladies and the electronics guy with a huge question mark on their faces “?” No, I’m not lost, I’m looking for my boyfriend who was with me just 30 seconds ago. Finally I found my boyfriend at the entrance…He was outside looking for me!

#3 Got ourselves a brand new King Size bed, bought in the U.S. Now the issue is, how to cross the border with it. I said to boyfriend, tie it on the car roof, I’ll hold one end and you hold the other end. He looked at me and said, “Are you Insane?” I said “No, I’ve seen cars with beds on car roofs before, my dad used to do that!” Boyfriend points to his car and says, “Look at the size of the bed and look at the size of my car”. He was right; if we could have put the mattress on the roof, from far way it would look like a big bed with wheels running on the freeway.

#4 Went with boyfriend to have his hair cut on Sunday morning, it was 11 am and the weather was unbearable, I think we were at 85ºF (maybe more); we had to wait in the car until the barber shop emptied; I felt I was marinating in my own juices so after we came back from the barber shop I took a shower, when I took off my pants I found red spots on my right leg. It took the sun only 15 minutes to practically roast my right leg, now I have to find a way to roast the other one so they can be even. Now this makes me think, if the sun can really roast a leg in 15 minutes, I can save on gas the next time I want to cook something while it’s marinating in its own juices.

Happy Monday!

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