Tuesday, May 11, 2004

First days are never my days!

Here we go again...But before I start...

I posted a blog in spanigh but then I removed it. I did it because that is just not me (I just don't do criticism). I was really angry at the time and well, (that's what Blogger is for right?)I apologize and at the same time I do appreciate that some of you readers still went through and read if not all of it but parts. I was not expecting any comments about my post but I got a reply in comment from one of my Co-Nationals and well he said another bunch of things just like mine but critisizing my post in a negative way which made me think I should not be even posting things or situations I am angry about because (we would never get to an agreement) then I would get even more negative comments about it and of course, I don't want that, just my aura and my vibe doesn't go that way. I'm all peace and loveeee.

So Starting from now...I won't do posts about Politics, Religion, Nationalities or Race (That's too controversial for me and is not fair to you)

Thank you.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled yoliblahblah...

I remember since I was a lil'o baby I hated first days, of school, of going to another place I didn't know, of staying at a strangers house, of school, of religious classes, of swimming classes, of work. And I could just go on and on and on...

It wasn't that "excitment" feeling of meeting new people, No! I don't like new people, I like old people, hell! I lived with old people long enough to know I like old people! You don't see old people at your first day of work, you always meet people you have never seen in your life and of course you turn into "The New Girl"...You can see everywhere you go people looking at you funny "Who's the new girl? Where she at? And if you're fat and ugly, Uh! "Damn! From where did they get that ugly woman? They should take her back where she belongs...Scrap material is that way!" "Woman, you hit the wrong turn, the circus is right over there".

So here are the thigns I hate the most about being the new girl in the company:

1. I have to wait in line until H.R. shows up (30 minutes later)

2. I have to fill out that annoying employment application. Damn! I hate that, I spent more than 1 hour filling out that form, I'm getting old people! I can't remember what was the year I finished my elementary school or how much I was earning 10 years ago, or what was the phone number and address of my first job and I don't think anybody does!

3. I have to wait half of day until someone in the department I'm going to work at picks me up and gives me a tour of the company, at least to show me where the restrooms are. (By the way that never happens to me, I never get a company tour, or induction so practically nobody knows me)

4. I have to take my lunch alone because of Item No.3

5. There's no computer, phone, chair, desk, keys for the desk, or nothing to write on so I can start working...at least on my scribbles.

6. I spent the whole day on trying to figure out what the hell am I doing in this company because is 1 hore before leave time and still nobody has taught me anyting.

7. It's time to go and now my boss has time for me so now I have to stay 2 hours late!

8. I spent half of day with an empty stomach because I don't know where the hot water is to make my cocoa and if I did know, people will start looking at me funny and say "Did you see that girl? I haven't seen her doing anything all day and now she's eating!"

9. As nobody knows me and one of my coworkers now know me she calls me to her table where shes eating with her group so I join in but I don't get introduced so I get the "What the? Who's this sitting on my table, on my chair, smelling my air" look which is very annoying and uncomfortable.

10. Finally I get a computer, a phone but part of all the programs are not working, the computer is weird and it makes funny noises, my phone doesn't work because it has a system problem and they only got me a chair and a desk to sit in a corner of a huuuuuge office, so now I feel like an ant.

But hey!
The best part of all is that I get to sleep one hour more (NOT) and at least I don't work in a crappy joint anymore (true, true) and I don't have to stand the morning and afternoon traffic so now I do a 25 minute drive back and forth (Yippy!).

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