Saturday, May 15, 2004


After all these years finally I found people like me...

Ever been to a workplace where you interact with people who has the same ideas like you? Isn't that a great feeling?

I finally feel like I'm in heaven, where a bunch of other Yolis interact with eachother in harmony. Of course it has its own troubles but who cares? I don't, I am where I always wanted to be. The restrooms are very clean, wow they even look like a very fancy restaurant restroom and all those luxuries, very nice, bad thing I have a trauma with germs...I can't go in there! Anyway!

Well, I haven't been able to post as often as I wished, this work is really work, not like the crappy joint I used to be before. Hell! I have been there for a week now and I already stayed over time for 3 days, that's the amount of work I'm getting and we are just starting. The company is huge, 90,000 sq. feet. with only 50 something employees including 14 assemblers in two line operations (this is so tiny). It's a two story building and has a weird shape, so weird I have been lost twice and couldn't find the exit, I felt like a rat inside a maze, creepy! Alright! Enough about work, I need a break!

Forgot to mention, last week when I went to buy the wedding bands for my parents I went to IHOP and had breakfast, then I went to the jewerly store and one girl who is now my work mate found me there and we talked for a few minutes, then she had to leave.

On monday morning when I was introduced to the staff, one guy comes to me and asks me, "Where you on IHOP the other day?" I said "Yes I was" He said "Yes I know you were, I saw you with a friend of yours, I was going to stop by and say hello and welcome but then I backed out because I thought it was innapropriate"...I think I was being followed...

5 Saturdays before this one I promised my best friend I would go with her to a concert from one of her idols (Thalia) I don't think you've ever heard about her but, she's a big star in my country, so anyway. I promised I would go, but two weeks ago the person who bought the tickets for her had an accident and is in the hospital...the tickets were inside the car and the car is in the pound and the only person who can go check on the car is the owner of the car who happens to be the father of the person who had the accident and this I'm lost...wait...well the thing is that the tickets are inside the car and can't be checked...why? I don't remember, I wasn't paying attention when my friend told me about it.

So until yesterday there were no tickets for the concert right? so I thought I was out of the deal and my boyfriend said, ok, then if you're not going then I'm going to go paint a house. Well it happens that I was going to be the ride for my best friend but I don't take my car that far and that's why my boyfriend was going to take us but now he's working and we don't have a ride anymore. So now we have the tickets but we don't have a ride...How nice!

My best friend suggested to take the public transportation all the way to that stadium (between you and I, I think my friend just went insane)which is about 1 hour and some other more minutes to almost two hours by car, so imagine the time in public transp. right? I immediately said Hell no! what if we get stolen? what if someone is following us and wants to do something to us? We are in a different country! What if there is a terrorist and wants to blow up the Trolley? (I'm sorry but I am really freaked out about it). My friend called me a big whinning chicken and I said yes I am, and I am proud of it! I'm a big chicken I tell ya, can't you see feathers growing on me? I'm not going I said, unless you find us a ride to the stadium.

I told me boyfriend after he came back from work and he agreed on not to go in public transportation, most of all because I don't know the city and besides the concert would start too late and finished even later. We both agreed I would not go. Well, actually I agreed upon myself on not to go. My boyfriend was smoking his cigarette and wasn't really paying attention to me.

Though I feel bad about it, but I think I'm right...right? Of course I'm right!

Now I'm worried on how is my friend going to go all by herself, she told me that if I wasn't going she was going alone. I can see my poor LIl'O G going to that huge stadium, what if nobody sees her and steps on her? What if she gets lost and has nobody with her to help her out?

I'm worried, I'm in a big dilema, I know I should not go, but my friend is a freak, she's a psycho and she will want to go and see her idol no mater what! She's going to get lost, I know it, I know it!

I think I should put a string on her finger and I'll just hold it and when ever she pulls it I will know she needs help. Yeah! I'll do something like that.

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