Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Back to Normality !

I just realized that when my boss is out of town everybody wants to be the boss…

Especially this Ops. Mgr. Monkey who now I don’t want to see for the rest of my stay here because he practically yelled at me yesterday at my holy lunch hour…What a Jerk!

And also realized nobody in this building can live without me. Yesterday I acted as if I was not at work; I was serious when I said I was officially blocked from my brain and nobody believed me, and everything went upside down. At this work I am at I’m supposed to be the reminder or the alarm clock for each of the management staff members because they use to “forget” to do their job, I mean, it can’t be that difficult but hey! For them it is.

So their alarm went into sleep mode which meant no email reminding them to do their reports, no emails sending information, no phone call reminders, no post it reminders no nothing, simply I was not here, but I was, but I acted as if I wasn’t (get it?). Everybody went crazy.

It’s fun to see Managers yelling at each other for not sending their information on time because all of them forgot they should’ve done it at one time and now it’s their fault and the corporate office is kicking their tooshy (oh that makes me laugh!).

I imagine these people as if they’re playing “hot potato” and who ever gets the potato at the end of the song has nobody to throw it away gets poked for the rest of the day (this is the guy who was supposed to send his info to corporate but didn’t because everybody was late) LMAO.

And who gets yelled at because everything is wrong?

All answer: Yoli, she’s suppose to tell us things and she didn’t. Boss fire her!

Boss: You’re all babies! I’m going to get you a baby sitter while we hire a new Nanny!

Yoli: Yeah, you’re all a bunch of big babies with mustache and hairy backs! * sticks tongue out and hides behind boss*

How sweet, my stalker has just told me he’ll miss me …

I’m happy now

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