Friday, May 28, 2004

Yep, it's friday alright!

Oh the happiness of having a day off makes this cold rushed day a beautiful day...

Alarm No. 1 went on at 4:30 am and I thought it was alarm No. 2 so I got out of bed in one jump and about to rush to the bathroom to take my shower I remembered alarm No. 2 had not yet rang besides the fact that it was still dark...I scared away my sleep but I got to get to sleep 5 minutes before my alarm turned on...


At alarm No. 2 I thought we were already on saturday morning so I kept looking at my alarm clock and asking myself..."what day is it today? Yesterday was wednesday? or was it thursday? isn't it friday already?" (took me 5 minutes to realize it was still a working day and I had to take my tooshie on the shower). Well now that I knew it was Friday I was happy; knowing it would be my last day of work made me feel new and young again, until I saw the time and it was 20 minutes before 8...I was running late.

Well actually I could not run at all because everybody else decided they were running late also, so the traffic became unberable; despite the fact that there wre 2 old cars and 2 old vans infront of me and they didn't let me go ahead..."Yo' the guy with the old van!..oh...sorry ma'am...the one with the old van..MOOOOVEE IT!!! Someone has to go to work today and it's ME!" (Of course the woman could not listen to me because I had my windows down and she was 3 cars ahead of hoo). So thanks to the lady with the old van I was 15 minutes late, which means I have to leave 15 minutes later after work...yuck!

But thank the omnipresent I'm at work, blogging while I get some rest before I start digging the reports I have due for...right now...but hey! It's friday, my boss is not here yet and will come back until one hour from now, there's no rush is it? ...Nah!

I've been eating by myself again, something happened after one girl in administration resigned last tuesday that now everybody goes everywhere except the lunch room. Oh well, it doesn't matter, I still have my book to read (damn book, it has me hooked I tell ya' hooked!), but not today, I'm going out for lunch with one of my friends who works at the building right next to mine, this is so cool.

I haven't described my new goes a little something like this:

It's a big building with lots and lots of trees, (yep, I am buying my very own bug spray because I can tell there will be a lot of spiders here), palm trees, all kinds of trees, it's not all done yet but it's half way completed. It has one big cascade infront of front desk but still is not working yet because is not yet completed either...well actually the building is not yet finished, it still has some things that need to be done. I told you that my building is like a maze, now I don't get lost, Yeah I know where all those little doors go to, now I know that the second door from the main door to the left is the ladies room, (cause twice I got into the mens room and once to the janitors room...that's embarassing).

The production offices are inside the production area, mine is the main production office where the printers, faxes and copiers are, there are two empty cubicles and I'm the only one without one (I knew this would happen), I have 3 doors, one in the front of my desk, one in the back of my desk and one beside my desk, and one BIG window right next to my computer, so there's no where to hide myself, oh and I forgot the camera that I have right across the production area that keeps looking at me funny, well, I don't know if it's looking at me funny or not but I feel is looking at me funny.

So there you have it folks, I should have eyes like those little animals that change color and move their eyes in different directions one from the other and I should have a mirror, and one big blind next to my window, cause if I move my monitor in any side, you can still look at it, where has all my privacy gone???

But it doesn't matter you know, most of the time I have my boss sitting next to me telling me how to do these reports and where to look at if there is a problem and all that sort of stuff, I'm learning new things in here which keep me entertained all day, and I love the fact that I don't have a minute even to breathe, oh that is so exciting! (I'm serious, I'm not being sarcastic)

I can't wait to have all my place settled and everything in order to then go where the action is, the production area. We make water sprinklers here so they have to be tested and run a 100% before they are sent to the customer and guess with what do they have to be tested?...Yes! with water, there are 6 water testers and lots and lots of sprinklers to test...I want to test water sprinklers!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I lost it...I lost it!!!

This is what happens to me when I try to be like everybody else...

Yesterday I tried to post my profile but it didn't work, so this morning I decided to navegate around my blog to see what was wrong with it, obviously because I had not updated my template so I decided to change it...Oh what a big mistake, not did I just lost all my comments I also lost all my links! The comments I guess they're ok if they get lost till a certain point but when it happens like me that I save those comments for future reference like adding new people to my blog oooh now there comes the problem, well, if any of my readers don't see themselves in my link list don't feel bad, I am just so dumb that I thought everything would be saved if I changed my template, so actually all those links are thanks to two or three of the blogs I have visited for so long, the rest I had to steal them from Jenn...

Thanks Jenn! :)

Tomorrow when I have more time, because today I got blank, I will tell you about my nice trip to work, oh yes, it is one of those days when everything goes wrong with you and at the end you are late, so late that you get all rushed so rushed that everything goes wrong, so wrong that you have to do things more than 5 or 6 times to get it right but at the 6th time you feel all dizy from looking at all those little numbers that you get confused...Yep, that happened to me this morning.

But I'll just tell you the little thing that happened to me at the gas station.

I was running late for work, it was 7:45 am and I had to be there at around 7:50 because we are having visitors today. Yesterday I was supposed to fill my car with gas but I was really too lazy to go to the gas station (1 block away from my home..ok?) so I thought to go early in the morning on my way out. Well as I was running late I wanted everything to be done ASAP but for my good luck, I had a dispatch man so so so lazy, more lazy than the lazy bear. I waited for him for 1 minute or more and still he was walking with this velocity of a baby turtle, I could really not believe this, still at the end when I was about to pay the guy, I gave him a 50 dollar bill so he could give me a 30 dollar change. He had 3 10 dollar bills in his hand and a bunch of other bills; he counted...

Gasman: 1, 2, 3...oh much did you wanted?

Me: 20

Gasman: Oh so, 20 less

Me: 30, you're suppose to give me 30 back.

Gasman: Oh yeah, 1, 2, 3, ok, 3..or would you like change?

Me: No just give me my change

Gasman: 'Cause I can give you change if you want, I have lots of change, see?

Me: No, I want my 30 back.

Gasman: Ok, 1, 2, 3...(gives me the money) so lady...

Me: I push the gas and boom! go away,

Poor guy, I left him with the words in his mouth, but hey! I WAS RUNNING LATE!

Ok, Gotta go, my goss just got out of his meeting and I know he will come to me again to do some more work...

Thank goodness I'm just 30 minutes away from 6...Yeeeahh!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

No blogging at home?

You gotta be kidding me…

Since Blogger changed it’s new image I can no longer check blogs from home. This is not nice or pretty or sane.

Yesterday I spent over 1 hour trying to see anything that would look like a blog. Looks like the blogger system doesn’t like me or my computer ‘cause it kept spitting me out of the internet and I had to reboot my computer 3 times (it could have been more but I just gave up at 3).

So there you have it folks, my computer stinks! It can’t hold a little bit of loads because it starts to freak out like a crazy old woman. My computer is much more complicated than its owner (me).

But before that…

I turn on my computer and I found a strange icon with the title “Instant access” I thought this was not in my computer the last time I logged in. I’m not the only one that uses the computer, my boyfriend does it too but I have told him to never download any programs from the internet unless I see what it is (my boyfriend doesn’t know much about computers) and it looks like he didn’t listen to me. Despite the fact that the program was downloaded as soon as I try to log into the internet a login window pops on to me with the title “hot babes instant login” AAHH! Now that’s what is all about! Not only that, but it had an automatic telephone bill charge as soon as you log into the “hot babes” page so even if you don’t what the darn thing you still be charged 1.50 USD a minute…I was about the burst into anger here. I mean I don’t care if my boyfriend looks at porn sites, all men do that, my dad used to do that and I found over 400 pics of naked lesbos, teens and other stuff so I believe is natural, but what I do care for are the freakin viruses that come along those sites. Hell if I had a virus (whick I think I do, maybe that’s why I can’t log into blogger anymore…I didn’t thought of that) my computer will die for sure, it’s so old and sensitive. I tried to take uninstall the program and guess what? I had to download the uninstall program…I don’t think so, I wanted to do it the right way but that meant to go into that “hot babes” page and get the unsuscribe thingy so I just went into the downloaded programs and deleted the folder; still that didn’t solve my blogger problem. So I search on the cookies and I found the temporary internet files…Oh my goodness!! It was worst than looking under my bed I had over 10,000 temporary internet files with lots and lots and lots of cookies…

Well, the end of it was not pretty at all, I was planning to log into the internet while the meatloaf was done but instead of that I ended up cleaning my computer from “hot babes” and other weird pages I found.

Oh well…guess I’ll have to check the blogs from work, in one way or another, I’ll do it!!! NOBODY IS STOPPING ME!

Monday, May 24, 2004

By the way,

I can't stop visiting all my links!
I'm a viscious blogg woman!
I'm insane!

A Quick Quickie!

No time for anything...I'm going to explode...

I really can't complain, this is what I always dreamed of though but I think this is too much! Hell! I've been working over time since day 1, this can't be good...can it?

Ok so my best friend got angry at me (as I suspected) but everything is back to normal, she read my post and she commented, I haven't read it yet but I think is something baaad, oh well!

Got up early at 6:30 am on Saturday (thing I never thought on doing before) and did all my chores, washed laundry, cleaned house, went to car wash and changed the oil in my car and after that I invited my best friend for breakfast and it was faaabulous! we went around from one little store to another, got me some nice things and at the end of the day I could not feel my feet anymore; doesn't that feel great! After walkign for mover 8 hours straight without sitting down and after buying great bargains. In deed I was happy!

Sunday was good too though, my boyfriend fixed my closet and my night stand cause it was falling apart. My dad fixed it some time ago with lots of duck tape but after 2 years the glue in the duck didn't do much. My boyfriend was laughin about it, so I said "Hey! that's my dad's master piece don't say that". At night we went to see the movie "Troy", highly recommended. Brad Pitt is a hottie!

Now I have to get back to work, I didn't want to let the blog die just like that, oh no! Yoli got lots to say during the week, maybe not every day but sure I'll accumulate it and write it down on a pice of toilet paper, or a napkin or a dirty newspaper or what ever I find and then I'll post it here. When ever I find the time...cause now, I don't have time...I NEED SOME TIME!!!!!


Monday, May 17, 2004

I Procrastinate?...Nah!

I never knew about it until I heard about the meaning of the word…

Yesterday I stayed at home all day, didn’t go out anywhere, it was fun, my boyfriend had to work so I just took a shower and went to bed again.

I remembered my boyfriend asked me to write a letter on behalf of her sister the night before to some email address he gave. I turned on the computer and remember I had to wash the dishes, well while the computer started I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes, then I saw the broth that I left from last night was still on the stove so before I started washing the dishes I went to get a tupper ware to put the broth inside so I could leave it inside the fridge, when I opened the fridge I then remembered I promised my boyfriend I would make watermelon water, so I left the tupper inside the fridge and took the watermelon to prepare the water. I forgot that I had to wash my blankets so before I started making the water I went to the bedroom and have the blankets washed while I made the water, washed the dishes and write that letter on the computer.

So there I went to the bedroom and while I was taking the blankets off I saw little itty bitty animals on top of my blankets…huh?… I have pests?? Not again! So I went to the bathroom and took the bug spray, took out the blankets and sprayed the whole ceiling from where the little creatures were falling. The TV was on and there was a program about Natives (I love native documentaries) so I stayed for a while just to watch a bit of the program before I began to work. I remembered in the mean time I didn’t brush my teeth that morning so I went to the bathroom and washed my teeth, I saw the towel was dirty so I went to the cabinet and get a new towel when I saw my file and then I remembered I didn’t file any statements from last week, so I closed the towel drawer and opened the file cabinet and started filing my papers, by then I remembered I forgot that I had to write the letter to my sister in law so I finished filing and went to my bedroom…but I forgot why I did that if I was supposed to go the computer and start typing that letter, but at least I remembered that I haven’t washed my blankets yet and the little animals had to be taken away from the floor, so I take the blankets to the washer room and grabbed my broom, I cleaned the bugs away and went to the kitchen, oh then I remembered I had to wash the dishes and make the watermelon water so I open the fridge to get the watermelon (which was already out) and I saw a rotten banana, eow! I picked it and put in the waste basket for rotten fruit by then I saw the basket was full so I went to the washer room to get a plastic bag, there I remembered I had to was my blankets, so I left the plastic bag (this time I didn’t want to forget doing something else I wasn’t suppose to be doing) and went to the living room and picked the blankets, I saw the computer was still on, Oh! The letter! So I went to the washer and put the blankets, went to the kitchen and made the water, I saw the rotten banana in the kitchen counter and went back to the washer to get the plastic bag, went to kitchen, threw the banana, went to computer and went to my msn.

There, I found two mails from long lost friends and I could not resist in replying to them so I did; found one of my posts in blogger so I decided what was new over there and well, wrote a few comments, and browsed some more; I wanted to write a post but blogger didn’t let me so I browsed my pc to check what was wrong, by then, I was hungry, so went to the kitchen and prepared something to eat, then went back to the computer, I had to go to the kitchen and get a pill but then I saw the washer machine was already done since a very long time ago so I went to the washer room and took my blankets to the dryer; went back to the computer and then I remember I didn’t take my pill so there I went again to the kitchen and I while I was looking for a glass of water I found a bag of cookies, well I took the bag of cookies and went back to the computer..and yep…forgot to take the pills again so I went back to the kitchen and yes I took my pill. But then, I remembered I had to fix lunch for today and I had to leave the computer for a while to fix lunch, that way I thought I would be off pressure and I would have more time to write that letter I promised my boyfriend I would write for her sister.

While fixing lunch I felt hungry again so I ordered sushi for delivery, in the mean time my boyfriend came back from work, I was still drying my blankets that I had ready 3 hours ago; sushi was home so I ate and my boyfriend asked me “Did you write the letter for my sister?” … Uhm!…chom…chom…chom….gloob…”Of course I did” I said. My boyfriend went to the bathroom and while he was there doing his business I logged into the computer and wrote the letter…in less than 5 minutes.

So this means, that something I could have done in 5 minutes it actually took me more than 5 hours to complete…why? I cannot believe how much work I had at home before I could seat down, relax and type a 5 word letter.


I am supposed to be writing a report right now and instead of that I am writing my post…bleah!

Saturday, May 15, 2004


After all these years finally I found people like me...

Ever been to a workplace where you interact with people who has the same ideas like you? Isn't that a great feeling?

I finally feel like I'm in heaven, where a bunch of other Yolis interact with eachother in harmony. Of course it has its own troubles but who cares? I don't, I am where I always wanted to be. The restrooms are very clean, wow they even look like a very fancy restaurant restroom and all those luxuries, very nice, bad thing I have a trauma with germs...I can't go in there! Anyway!

Well, I haven't been able to post as often as I wished, this work is really work, not like the crappy joint I used to be before. Hell! I have been there for a week now and I already stayed over time for 3 days, that's the amount of work I'm getting and we are just starting. The company is huge, 90,000 sq. feet. with only 50 something employees including 14 assemblers in two line operations (this is so tiny). It's a two story building and has a weird shape, so weird I have been lost twice and couldn't find the exit, I felt like a rat inside a maze, creepy! Alright! Enough about work, I need a break!

Forgot to mention, last week when I went to buy the wedding bands for my parents I went to IHOP and had breakfast, then I went to the jewerly store and one girl who is now my work mate found me there and we talked for a few minutes, then she had to leave.

On monday morning when I was introduced to the staff, one guy comes to me and asks me, "Where you on IHOP the other day?" I said "Yes I was" He said "Yes I know you were, I saw you with a friend of yours, I was going to stop by and say hello and welcome but then I backed out because I thought it was innapropriate"...I think I was being followed...

5 Saturdays before this one I promised my best friend I would go with her to a concert from one of her idols (Thalia) I don't think you've ever heard about her but, she's a big star in my country, so anyway. I promised I would go, but two weeks ago the person who bought the tickets for her had an accident and is in the hospital...the tickets were inside the car and the car is in the pound and the only person who can go check on the car is the owner of the car who happens to be the father of the person who had the accident and this I'm lost...wait...well the thing is that the tickets are inside the car and can't be checked...why? I don't remember, I wasn't paying attention when my friend told me about it.

So until yesterday there were no tickets for the concert right? so I thought I was out of the deal and my boyfriend said, ok, then if you're not going then I'm going to go paint a house. Well it happens that I was going to be the ride for my best friend but I don't take my car that far and that's why my boyfriend was going to take us but now he's working and we don't have a ride anymore. So now we have the tickets but we don't have a ride...How nice!

My best friend suggested to take the public transportation all the way to that stadium (between you and I, I think my friend just went insane)which is about 1 hour and some other more minutes to almost two hours by car, so imagine the time in public transp. right? I immediately said Hell no! what if we get stolen? what if someone is following us and wants to do something to us? We are in a different country! What if there is a terrorist and wants to blow up the Trolley? (I'm sorry but I am really freaked out about it). My friend called me a big whinning chicken and I said yes I am, and I am proud of it! I'm a big chicken I tell ya, can't you see feathers growing on me? I'm not going I said, unless you find us a ride to the stadium.

I told me boyfriend after he came back from work and he agreed on not to go in public transportation, most of all because I don't know the city and besides the concert would start too late and finished even later. We both agreed I would not go. Well, actually I agreed upon myself on not to go. My boyfriend was smoking his cigarette and wasn't really paying attention to me.

Though I feel bad about it, but I think I'm right...right? Of course I'm right!

Now I'm worried on how is my friend going to go all by herself, she told me that if I wasn't going she was going alone. I can see my poor LIl'O G going to that huge stadium, what if nobody sees her and steps on her? What if she gets lost and has nobody with her to help her out?

I'm worried, I'm in a big dilema, I know I should not go, but my friend is a freak, she's a psycho and she will want to go and see her idol no mater what! She's going to get lost, I know it, I know it!

I think I should put a string on her finger and I'll just hold it and when ever she pulls it I will know she needs help. Yeah! I'll do something like that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

First days are never my days!

Here we go again...But before I start...

I posted a blog in spanigh but then I removed it. I did it because that is just not me (I just don't do criticism). I was really angry at the time and well, (that's what Blogger is for right?)I apologize and at the same time I do appreciate that some of you readers still went through and read if not all of it but parts. I was not expecting any comments about my post but I got a reply in comment from one of my Co-Nationals and well he said another bunch of things just like mine but critisizing my post in a negative way which made me think I should not be even posting things or situations I am angry about because (we would never get to an agreement) then I would get even more negative comments about it and of course, I don't want that, just my aura and my vibe doesn't go that way. I'm all peace and loveeee.

So Starting from now...I won't do posts about Politics, Religion, Nationalities or Race (That's too controversial for me and is not fair to you)

Thank you.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled yoliblahblah...

I remember since I was a lil'o baby I hated first days, of school, of going to another place I didn't know, of staying at a strangers house, of school, of religious classes, of swimming classes, of work. And I could just go on and on and on...

It wasn't that "excitment" feeling of meeting new people, No! I don't like new people, I like old people, hell! I lived with old people long enough to know I like old people! You don't see old people at your first day of work, you always meet people you have never seen in your life and of course you turn into "The New Girl"...You can see everywhere you go people looking at you funny "Who's the new girl? Where she at? And if you're fat and ugly, Uh! "Damn! From where did they get that ugly woman? They should take her back where she belongs...Scrap material is that way!" "Woman, you hit the wrong turn, the circus is right over there".

So here are the thigns I hate the most about being the new girl in the company:

1. I have to wait in line until H.R. shows up (30 minutes later)

2. I have to fill out that annoying employment application. Damn! I hate that, I spent more than 1 hour filling out that form, I'm getting old people! I can't remember what was the year I finished my elementary school or how much I was earning 10 years ago, or what was the phone number and address of my first job and I don't think anybody does!

3. I have to wait half of day until someone in the department I'm going to work at picks me up and gives me a tour of the company, at least to show me where the restrooms are. (By the way that never happens to me, I never get a company tour, or induction so practically nobody knows me)

4. I have to take my lunch alone because of Item No.3

5. There's no computer, phone, chair, desk, keys for the desk, or nothing to write on so I can start least on my scribbles.

6. I spent the whole day on trying to figure out what the hell am I doing in this company because is 1 hore before leave time and still nobody has taught me anyting.

7. It's time to go and now my boss has time for me so now I have to stay 2 hours late!

8. I spent half of day with an empty stomach because I don't know where the hot water is to make my cocoa and if I did know, people will start looking at me funny and say "Did you see that girl? I haven't seen her doing anything all day and now she's eating!"

9. As nobody knows me and one of my coworkers now know me she calls me to her table where shes eating with her group so I join in but I don't get introduced so I get the "What the? Who's this sitting on my table, on my chair, smelling my air" look which is very annoying and uncomfortable.

10. Finally I get a computer, a phone but part of all the programs are not working, the computer is weird and it makes funny noises, my phone doesn't work because it has a system problem and they only got me a chair and a desk to sit in a corner of a huuuuuge office, so now I feel like an ant.

But hey!
The best part of all is that I get to sleep one hour more (NOT) and at least I don't work in a crappy joint anymore (true, true) and I don't have to stand the morning and afternoon traffic so now I do a 25 minute drive back and forth (Yippy!).

Sunday, May 09, 2004

The Next Episode!

It was my last day of work and my former boss made a move on me...

Finally on Thursday we found someone to replace me and Friday was her first day of work. I only had practically half of day to get her into the workload which is nothing but still there were things that needed to be done.

My boss invited me several times before to have lunch with him to celebrate Admins. week, but for one reason or the other this could not be done, but now that my last day of work was ending, lunch had to be done no matter what. I really don't feel comfortable eating lunch with my bosses, I mean, what kind of conversation am I going to have? Right? Well, it looked like I had no other choice but to accept the invitation and I was waiting for an excuse to appear so I wouldn't go alone.

The new "girl" didn't bring any lunch for her self and well it seemed kind of unfair and not polite to not invite her out for lunch on her first day of work, besides, she's her new Admin. right? So I told my boss that maybe I should take her out for lunch (I was expecting my boss to ask me to take her along to my fare well lunch but it never happened). Basically my boss sent her to the nearest fast food restaurant so him and I could get along with his plans of having lunch with his Admin. Yikes!

Lunch I guess it was ok, at least he told me some weird stories about how his friends were robbed in Mexico while they were on vacations and that he would never think of coming here by himself alone. And that's where the personal questions began and it wasn't pretty. What kind of boss will ask his Admin. if she's engaged or if she's on a relationship and what of things does she like do to when she's not working? (That sounded more like a date...yuk) So I answered properly without giving him any thoughts that I am interested in his conversation (in the mean time I could not stop looking at my watch, I was waiting for 1:30 to come soon so I could kick him back to the border so I could go back to work). To make a long story short, he suggested we should have lunch together more often because I was an interesting woman and very fun and comfortable to be with, on which I repleid with a HELL NO! (on my forehead) and a no thanks I have work on my mouth.

All of this means that if there was a chance that if I didn't like the job I will start on Monday I would call my boss and ask him if I could come back; with these intentions the man showed me on my last day lunch, that chance is nule.

That really feels baaad; no boss has ever told me that before, I'm still a baby, I could be his daughter, hell! The man is 51 years of age and has a son of 23.

Well now I know why he was insisting soo much on going to lunch just the two of us...

In your dreams old man!

two hours before 5 I had a call from the delivery company. Woo hoo! They would bring my King Bed set at 5 so I had to go home...My problem is solved, they brought me my brand new king size bed, I already slept on it and feels like I'm sleeping under clouds. Ah! This is how heaven must feel like.

Now there's another problem, the bed is too tall and my TV stand is too short, so now I have to go look for a new TV stand because we can't watch TV anymore, the only thing we can see is half of the screen with 2 pairs of feet blocking what is left to see. That sucks!

But hey! Who needs TV with a brand new King Size Bed right?

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Back to Normality !

I just realized that when my boss is out of town everybody wants to be the boss…

Especially this Ops. Mgr. Monkey who now I don’t want to see for the rest of my stay here because he practically yelled at me yesterday at my holy lunch hour…What a Jerk!

And also realized nobody in this building can live without me. Yesterday I acted as if I was not at work; I was serious when I said I was officially blocked from my brain and nobody believed me, and everything went upside down. At this work I am at I’m supposed to be the reminder or the alarm clock for each of the management staff members because they use to “forget” to do their job, I mean, it can’t be that difficult but hey! For them it is.

So their alarm went into sleep mode which meant no email reminding them to do their reports, no emails sending information, no phone call reminders, no post it reminders no nothing, simply I was not here, but I was, but I acted as if I wasn’t (get it?). Everybody went crazy.

It’s fun to see Managers yelling at each other for not sending their information on time because all of them forgot they should’ve done it at one time and now it’s their fault and the corporate office is kicking their tooshy (oh that makes me laugh!).

I imagine these people as if they’re playing “hot potato” and who ever gets the potato at the end of the song has nobody to throw it away gets poked for the rest of the day (this is the guy who was supposed to send his info to corporate but didn’t because everybody was late) LMAO.

And who gets yelled at because everything is wrong?

All answer: Yoli, she’s suppose to tell us things and she didn’t. Boss fire her!

Boss: You’re all babies! I’m going to get you a baby sitter while we hire a new Nanny!

Yoli: Yeah, you’re all a bunch of big babies with mustache and hairy backs! * sticks tongue out and hides behind boss*

How sweet, my stalker has just told me he’ll miss me …

I’m happy now

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

This is not Yoli, it is just an image!

I’m here but let’s pretend as if I’m not ok?…

The Real Deal:
Uh! No, you’re gonna have to do that by your own. Sorry, I am just here to answer questions for the rest of the week. I have officially blocked my brain, myself, and everything in regards to me inside this crappy joint. Alright! What? You’re saying I can’t do that? Hey! I tried yesterday and talk to H.R. Monkey to see what the heck is up with my replacement ‘cause it’s been a week and a half and I don’t see any girl for interview here! Or maybe give the girl in front desk a chance to change position so that we can help each other, as a team. Oh! I forgot this ass doesn’t know what the work team means because he is a Mooonkey just like the rest of the monkeys who work in this zoo. So now don’t come to me and tell me I can’t say no to you! Hell yes I can! Look! NO!
Now get the hell out of my face!

Image inside Yoli’s brain (so she doesn’t get sick from stress):
Oops! I came to work and I (intentionally) forgot to bring my brain with me, how silly of me! Sorry I left it at home. What? Oh no! I can’t go back home and get it because then I will loose my parking spot and this parking spot is so perfect, I can see my car right where it is in a corner across the street where all the big trucks can hit it with their big heavy wheels or some junky can steel it without anybody looking. No, no, no. I really can’t. Maybe tomorrow if I don’t forget I’ll bring it ok?
Bu bye!


I know this is a complot!

I spent 7 miserable months coming and going with bottle waters, cookies, food, drinks, visits, worrying about who will pick up the visits and things that matter “transportation” without getting any gas expenses back and now that I’m leaving, H.R. Monkey has hired a driver.


Monday, May 03, 2004

Why do people ask me things I don't know Part #2

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As I said, this would continue, well it did.

H.R. Monkey (On the phone): Office Moneky X told me you gave me a D/L request, I don't remember you giving me any request. (Note the change of story)

Me: No I didn't.

H.R. Monkey (On the phone): Ok, thanks, bye.

1 minute later Ops. Mgr. Monkey calls me on the phone

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Yoli, Office Monkey X gave you 2 D/L requests for signature (note the change of quantity of requests, before it was just one, now there are two) what happened to them?

Me: Repeated story of what I did with the request.

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Well where are they?

Me: I remember there was only one request, and no I don't know where it is.

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Well yeah whatever, your boss still has it?

Me: I don't know

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Did he keep it with him? Maybe is in his office

Me: No he did not keep it, he took it directly to H.R. and no is not in his office, I went inside and there were no such documents.

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Well but then he has it.

Me: I don't know

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Then he kept it

Me (about to explode): Probably... maybe... might be... it could be a guess...can't say he did...I don't know.

Ops. Mgr. Monkey: Ok, (hangs up the phone)

Still I'm sure, this is not the end...
Just had a handshake from "butt scratch" this morning...And I forgot my sanitizer.
God help me!

Why do people ask me things I don't know?

This happened 10 minutes ago...

As if my desk was the area of Lost and Found.

"Just ask Yoli, she'll know where it is, and if she doesn't, she will figure it out for you"

Office Monkey X: Yoli, what happened to the D/L request I left you on thursday for your boss's signature?

Me: I gave it to him, he asked me what it was I told him, he took it to H.R.

Office Monkey X goes to H.R. dept. and 5 minutes later appears on my desk...again

Office Monkey X: I went to H.R. and he said he doesn't have it. Do you know where it is?

Me: No.

Office Monkey X: But did your boss sign it?

Me: I don' know, he took it to H.R. he said he would ask him what it was.

Office Monkey X: But H.R. says he doesn't have it. Do you think Op. Mgr. has it?

Me: I don't know, but if I were you I would ask him.

One of two things could've happened:

#1 My boss went to the WC and forgot it there
#2 H.R. lost it between his ocean of papers over his desk

I am sure this will continue...

Got myself a roasted leg!

This time will go by item number…

#1 Got lost on Friday in my own home area. I was looking for an apartment for my parents who are moving back to the city in 3 months, the town is very small, so small it only has 3 Avenues and 6 main streets. I drove around the same blocks for 15 minutes and I could not find the way out. I was in a maze. Right when I thought I found the exit I hit a dead end. Took me 1 hour to get out of there and to realize I was only 10 blocks away from my home.

#2 Got lost in a shopping mall Saturday while I was looking at a purse, thinking boyfriend was behind me I turned around to show him the purse … Yikes! Where did he go? Spent 20 minutes walking in circles, I could see the perfume ladies and the electronics guy with a huge question mark on their faces “?” No, I’m not lost, I’m looking for my boyfriend who was with me just 30 seconds ago. Finally I found my boyfriend at the entrance…He was outside looking for me!

#3 Got ourselves a brand new King Size bed, bought in the U.S. Now the issue is, how to cross the border with it. I said to boyfriend, tie it on the car roof, I’ll hold one end and you hold the other end. He looked at me and said, “Are you Insane?” I said “No, I’ve seen cars with beds on car roofs before, my dad used to do that!” Boyfriend points to his car and says, “Look at the size of the bed and look at the size of my car”. He was right; if we could have put the mattress on the roof, from far way it would look like a big bed with wheels running on the freeway.

#4 Went with boyfriend to have his hair cut on Sunday morning, it was 11 am and the weather was unbearable, I think we were at 85ºF (maybe more); we had to wait in the car until the barber shop emptied; I felt I was marinating in my own juices so after we came back from the barber shop I took a shower, when I took off my pants I found red spots on my right leg. It took the sun only 15 minutes to practically roast my right leg, now I have to find a way to roast the other one so they can be even. Now this makes me think, if the sun can really roast a leg in 15 minutes, I can save on gas the next time I want to cook something while it’s marinating in its own juices.

Happy Monday!