Monday, April 12, 2004

Squeeze It!!!

It’s amazing how I can get distracted so easily…

Yesterday I had a **“get together with the boyfriend’s/room mate/friend/ or what ever family” day out which I always find extremely boring. 3 sisters and 2 brothers along with 2 nephews and one brother in law are ready to go to “Point Loma”.

** All these concepts due to one discussion we had Saturday morning, trying to define my current situation with…my boyfriend/room mate/friend/or what ever he wants to be called, (the definition is not yet “defined”)

So as everybody is getting in like sardines inside an old van I’m thinking on the way what am I going to do, right? Well, fortunately for who, one sister in law knows a bit of English and she wants to make a conversation, so just imagine me and her trying to communicate; it’s very nice and sweet of her trying to make me feel comfortable around a family of Non-English speaking foreigners. She tries to tell me something about her son who got married and stuff and as we speak, you know we are all tight together so when I was looking at her face I was seeing double, so to get out of the embarrassing faces I was making in front of her (imagine me twisting my eyes to the center of her nose to a distance no longer than 5 inches) I had to change my eye directions everywhere except her nose, but she was so close to me I could see all the defects in her face, so as I was trying to find a spot on her face to stare at to not force my eyes (thinking it would be not polite to just turn my face away while she talks) I found a “huge” black head on her nose, damn!, I got fascinated by the size of that black head the only thing I could think about was to squeeze it…

Yeah, I wanted to squeeze that black head all the way till the end! I could see myself doing it, the image would not go away!!!, it was insane!!!. The need and desire of popping up that black head was more than I could bear, the Squeezy feeling was taking over me!

I don’t know if she ever noticed I was only staring at her black head and was not even paying attention to her conversation, well it didn’t matter anyway because I could not understand a word she was saying to me, I just kept nodding my face like an idiot while that black head was like a magnet calling my eyes and my thoughts.

Finally she stopped talking; maybe then she knew, I was really not paying attention, so she turned her face away from me, and until then, I was released from the curse of the black head!

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