Thursday, April 01, 2004

Sinus pain?..

Yesterday I had to take half of day off, my weekend was a little bit odd, I had this strange pain all over my face even all my tooth hurt and I could feel the inside of my skull burning hot, this is completely new for me, I've never had such weird pains before; so I check the internet for the simptoms and looks like I have a Sinus problem (when did that happen?), I thought Sinus only came from people who like to smoke and have big nostrals (well I was wrong) I have a small nose and very small nostrals and look at me I have sinus *blah*.

My new boss is so neat, I told him about my miserable pain and that I needed to go home early and rest but before I had to finish his report due for that day at noon, well as all of us Mexicans are, we are told to do something at a specific time for example tuesday at 9 am (Mexican translation means tuesday at...sometime between noon"ish" or maybe later...depending how I feel and if I like you, you might have it) there I was, me with my "face pain" waiting for the last mexicano manager to give me his report due since 9 am and it was 10:45 am and I still was there....waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting some more. My dear boss looks at me and asked me:

Boss: "weren't you going to leave "early"?,
Me: yes, but I'm still waiting for MM to give me his report
Boss: don't worry, give me what ever you have, and tell this guy to give me his report whenever he's ready, go home and get rest, you look miserable.
Me: Thank you! (the song of Aleluya and the sight of the 16th chappel appeared upon me)

Next thing before I left he started telling me all these weird stories about his friend who had sinus and had to go under surgery and it was painful....

I ran away asking the onmipresent these stories are not my case.

Today I am leaving with a strange sensation, my boss told me something weird about the japaneese, I hope is true, he told me he lived in Japan a few years; my boss told me that everybody that has the flu wears a surgical mask because the crowded masses are "germofobics"; japaneese don't use toilets, (they think that putting your butt where someone else put its but is nasty) instead, they just have a big hole on the ground where you have to drop your messy things (easy for men, pretty darn difficult for women).

Imagine this, women would make a contest of who hits the bullseye in the hole and who ever does it is the queen. Just like spitting contests in the mensroom right?. *sight*.

Have to run, it's 5:00 pm, boss is out of town for the next going home, me going to rest, me going to have party while the boss is out...wee!

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