Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Plague Passage

I was talking to my best friend yesterday who I will now call the "G", (stop thinking of names that start with G, first, her name does not start with G so cut it, G is short for a nickname "girlfriend"...ailright?) about how my home became like a biblical passage when it mentions something about "the plagues" because I've been suffering alot of that during my life.

First, back around 18 years ago my house got infested with mice, it was terrible because we were never able to get rid of those disgusting creatures until we moved out of the house.

Then, 3 years after that, my house got infested with fleas (we used to have a cat that we never noticed he sneaked out of the house at night and came back in the morning and filled with fleas), again, it took my beautiful mother a whole week to get rid of those horrible things, in the mean time well, we were all bitten and the cat just had to be dumped somewhere out and far from our home.

Thank the omnipresent, the "damned plague" disappeared for another 10 years, but then, we got infested with fleas again (we had another cat that used to sneak out of the house and infested our house with fleas), so, this time it had to be me the one who had to get rid of the fleas, and it took me 5 cans of bug spray.

1 year later, the fleas came back, (this time I had it, again I had to dump my cat nearby a baseball field so that someone could adopt it...Sorry, maybe the animal control will sue me for saying this but...take this...I don't live in the US so...Eat that!).

A few months later, I had ant infestation in my kitchen, (not that I am a dirty person, you can ask the "G" and she will tell you I am a clean freak...can't live without clorox!!) there's a ground filled with dirt in the back of my kitchen that is always messy because of the dirty neighbors, so there, I had to be the one paying for the damage because I live in the ground floor; it took me 2 cans of bugspray to eliminate the last tiny bitty piece of ant there was left in the house (or maybe even in the block of the street).

I thought I was "bug free" until last christmas, I saw little animals on my bed, I thought, this is the punishment for being so bad and not liking children!!..NOOOOOO!!!. Oh well, it took me several weeks before I could find out from where those tiny animals were coming from, because every morning I saw a bunch of those on my bed; I moved my bed upside down one night, I took off my blankets, covers, even I opened the mattress to see if there was something inside, pillows the same, floors, walls, and nothing!, I could not see the source. Well, the thought came to me like it fell down from heaven, as I was thinking of where, how and when did this infestation happened, I looked up my ceiling and thought, "I checked everything except the ceiling...why not give it a try?", so there you see me getting on the bed and with one can of bug spray I sprayed the entire ceiling, and boala!!!!, all those little tiny insects began to fall down one after another, there were hundreds of them, (yuk! just thinking about it just gives me the chills). How can you imagine you will have infestation of little animals even on your ceiling...this is ridiculous!!.

And still I thought I was saved?...well no!...just a week ago, as the season began to bloom the flowers and all those little spring season insects coming in, now I am infested with fruit flies!!...THIS IS IT!....I had it!....I cannot take it any longer!!...What have I done to deserve such horrible punishment???...

This is the hardest most annoying pest I've had ever since the flea infestation, because these are flies, they fly, and you can't catch those unless you keep chasing one by one and kill each of them! (I already tried that and it didn't work, just two days ago, I sprayed each and ever little fruit fly I found where ever I walked by in the house, I finished one can of bug spray and the freaking insects are still here!!!!).

So there!, this means, I cannot live without my bug spray, I have to keep it with me in case I need it, it's like the Mastercard but this one is "Raid...don't live in your home without it"...aaggghhh!!!!

I hope this fruit fly soon die...Die you freaks!!!..Die!!!

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