Friday, April 16, 2004

The Office "Hulk"

It really sucks to be the Assistant to the Directory of the company you work for...

This job is the worst job ever! (socially speaking). The last time I had a nice social relationship with my coworkers was a year ago, right before my Boss got fired, after that I became bitter.

What is the relation between being the Boss's assistant and not being able to socialize nicely with anybody? Do I look that intimadating? I don't think so!.

I remember back when I started working for a real company that looking at the Director's assistant was like looking at the "Venus of the Nile". Those nice looking girls with high heels and expensive clothes, expensive shoes, expensive make up and expensive haircuts were very impressing to me, but often the people around would say the Director's assistant was a "witch". I don't consider myself a witch (at least I don't look like one).

Working as the Director's assistant for 5 years now really is not all that and a bag of chips, on the contrary, it really is alot of responsibilities and yes!, I have to act like a bitch, not a witch, a bitch, and being bitchy is not easy, most if you were not born to be a bitch, but what can we assistants do?

If nobody in this company liked me before, because as I said one time all the "women parrots" in this company looked at me like a weird specimen, after acting really bitchy with everybody due to "management change" and my new boss requires a "Hulk" by his side to assist him. Well guess who has to be that "Hulk"? Everybody will end up liking me less. So I guess I earned it right? And now I have to pay for it, Heck! I think I've been paying for it ever since I started working in this joint so called "company" 6 months ago. The only people who half speak to me are men plus one married manager with children who is "secretly harassing me" (gross!).

My punishments for being the Director's assistant are:

1.- I have to stare at the monitor doing nothing and acting as I am working when I really have nothing to work on instead of going to the department next to me and have a little chit chat with the group or sneak around other departments just to say hello to everybody like everybody does here.

2.- Not be invited to any company group events because I am the bitch in the house which really sucks! (I wouldn't go anyway but still is nice to know you're invited somewhere)

3.- Stare at the window looking people passing on the street which having lunch.

4.- My only friend at lunch breaks is a book that I almost finish (that reminds me I have to get another book)

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