Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The interview from Hell, Last Part

The Saga continues…

Yes, finally, I made it!!! All those interview are over!…So what’s next?

As every story in every book all the endings have to finish either in a tragic way or every body likes to read in a happy ending. Well let me tell you something, although my interview saga is over it did not have a happy ending, why? Oh I’ll tell you why. I got lost in the middle of nowhere and if I did not plan everything to be there 1 hour ahead of time it would have been disastrous and I would’ve never made it to that interview, I’ll tell you that!.

Fortunately my savior, yes my boyfriend came along with me, he could see my sad puppy face looking at him while I was telling him on Friday I had to go to San Marcos for the last interview and he had compassion over me so he reported sick from work and drove me all the way over there.

Everything seemed so on time, so perfect so unreal that I thought this was unreal and in fact, it was unreal. We crossed the border in less than 40 minutes, the traffic was perfect, in fact, there was no traffic at all, damn, everything was all good, but just when you think you made it, ah, there had to be a fly in that soup! I wrote down the driving directions and I didn’t notice I jumped one step where we were suppose to turn right to get the correct avenue to the industrial park, well, we went all the way straight, and yes, we past a long, long, very long way until the road finished and I never saw the freaking turn, and of course we were never going to see it because the turn was never in the driving directions because lil’o Yoli forgot to write that part. Oh well, we went back, and looked, and went back again and looked, and well, I was all hysterical and my boyfriend almost choking me because it was 10:20 and the appointment was at 10:30 and we still didn’t find that damn avenue!!!. Finally, my boyfriend said, “what if we turn this way and start looking for the building numbers it will be faster” and yes, he was right! In less than 5 minutes we were there; of course I was 15 minutes late and my phone was not working in that area how was I able to report myself lost?

I really owe that day to my boyfriend if it wasn’t for him I would have never made it. I could see myself driving in that place I’ve never been before in my life and looking for that street, I would have stopped in the middle of the road and cried, oh yes I would.

The interview was good, the guy squeezed my brain all he could but at least I felt he liked me, until the $ question arose:

Interviewer: So, I am looking at all the comments from the rest of the staff but I haven’t seen here your salary or what you wish to get from this company.

My inner self: Yep, I thought that too, show me the money!

Me: Well…

Interviewer: How much are your earnings then?

Me: $

Interviewer: And that is…monthly? Dollars? Pesos?

My inner self: What you think that’s too much for you or what? Why you looking at me funny? Stop looking at me funny!

Me: Weekly

Interviewer: And how much would you like to receive from this company?

Me: 40% more, or negotiable.

Interviewer: And why 40%? Because it sounds nice?

My inner self: If we are talking about sound, how does 200% more sound to you Dwarf?

Me: (I gave a presidential speech which I will not post here because it’s too long and too damn boring)

Interviewer: Well, yes, because I have read all your files and well looks like nobody has ever touched the subject about the salary we are offering here and what is the use of dragging you all the way over here if maybe you don’t like our offer right?

My inner self: Oh now you tell me, if you told me that in the first place I would not be coming here waking up at 6 am dragging my boyfriend to come with me and getting lost in a place where you’re a cell phone is useless for emergencies…damn you’re so ugly!!

Me: Yes, I figured the same…

Interviewer: So you never spoke to anybody about salaries?

My inner self: If you can translate my facial expression what in hell do you think, midget?

Me: No, until now that you brought it up

Interviewer: Wow, that’s strange

My inner self: Oh come on!

Me: Yes, it is.

So the end of the story is, this company will contact me after the feedback and they will try to make an offer after that and see if I accept or not. Now if you ask me, I don’t think they’ll call me back; just think, what is a Director Assistant trying to look for a position of a Production Manager clerk? It’s a matter of using logic here. If I sent my resume for the General Manager’s assistant position, why then suddenly they are sending me over to the Production manager? Do I have to assume the salary is higher there than the original request? I don’t think so.

This Story of course has a second part, which will be until I receive a phone call with the job proposal which I think it will be either tomorrow or if they want to make me suffer they will call me next week.

In the mean time, I’ll keep posting blogs about my current crappy job where the restrooms look worst than a cheap movie theater restroom and you have to wait in line because there are only 2 toilets for 150 ladies here. Yes, it sounds incredible but it’s true, the toilets don’t last clean for more than 2 minutes and right after the first 2 women use the restroom they are left “unusable”.


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