Thursday, April 15, 2004

I'm so hungry!

This is the very last time I eat something my boyfriend makes About two months ago my boyfriend made a typical persian dish with lamb meat. I don't like lamb meat (wost if it's frozen). When I first took it out of the topper ware it smelled weird (like sheep), *ugh*, still as I am the kind of person who eats food even if it's not eatable I tried, and I couldn't I had to puke it, it was really bad.

Today the same story happened, this time with the same dish but with beef meat, I had to choose every little bit of meat from the put along with the vegetables so I could not put any grease in my lunch dish. Still, it didn't get better. Again I could not eat it, I tried, and I couldn't, the taste was tasteless. So now I have something to be punished about by the omnipresent, but I think even the omnipresent would not eat my boyfriend's food, it's too damn bad!.

Poor guy, he's really nice and tries to make me feel comfortable and happy by making lunch for the next day but definitely is no helping my stomach. I had to put my dish away and just fill myself up with a bag of Dorito's, two oranges and one apple, that was exactly 5 hours ago, now again I am hungry, I just ate a few pretzels and I'm still hungry. Bleah!. I wonder if he eats what he makes...I don't think so.

The "G" was torturing over the phone, with the image of a juicy burger or a sandwich. Agh!, Good thing it's 5:00 pm, now I can go and eat.

Damn I'm so hungry!

By the way, I had a workload yesterday that it was so long since I said the word "work", so I have nothing interesting to say, work is never interesting, is always a boring subject.

Gone for Lunch/Dinner.

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