Saturday, April 24, 2004

Home Alone!...

It was about time to have some "me" time for Me...

Woo hoo! I'm all alone today; my boyfriend went with his brother and nephews to Laughlin to get things ready for next summer vacations, you know, take the big boat, an extra van and some other things they need; and well from San Diego to Laughlin is abouth 6 to 7 hours driving, so he will spend the rest of the weekend over there aaannnddd....wiippyy! I'm here, on the computer all to myself, the TV all to myself, hey it's still early afternoon and I'm already in my jammies hehehe. It's like a slumber party starring me, my bacterias and my dust. It's going to be a great "partei", so if you want to join in, you're so welcome.

Back on April 8 I posted a blog about plagues. Well, here comes all over again, I have ANTS! It all started on Tuesday and these little creatures just can't get enough of my bug spray, they die for it! So I just keep giving them more, I supose with my experience in bugs this will keep on going until summer ends, so I still have plenty of weeks to go; I better run to Costco and buy me a box of Raid. (Note to shop list)

As I'm posting my blog I am enjoying a delicious snow cone, this can't be more perfect, I rented 4 horror movies to watch today and tomorrow, bought my popcorn to pop, got me plenty of sci-fi books to read when I am done with the movies, and my weekend is planned (Cleaning is not ont the list this weekend and neither is cooking, I'm getting me pizza!).

Aaaaahhhh! I'm so happy.

But let it rest on the book that this should not be repeated until the next 6 months, I don't want it to be a custom because then being all alone in the house will be boring and it will suck.

Funny thing is that as soon as my boyfriend walked out the door, I grabbed my bag and went straight to Blockbuster to rent me the movies. I was thinking to myself, if someone sees me right now that I'm looking at movies to rent everybody will think "poore woman, she's alone on a weekend and the only company she's got is her VCR, poore her more so because she doesn't have a DVD player"

While I was driving to blockbuster I was trying to decide what kind of movie to rent, so I was in between the comedy movies and horror movies, then suddenly XXX movies popped on my mind, I thought "No Yoli, you should not watch porn movies, it's not right, what will everybody in the shop think, what will the cashier think?". So I just voted for the horror gender; good choice, when I went to the cashier I had my 4 movies on hand ready to go and the little boy doing his job correctly asked my name, address, and all the details he could find in the system, god knows why! After making sure it was me who was taking the movies home he then proceeded to say out loud the name of each movie I was taking (have on note it was still early and there were 3 flies 4 children and 2 adults plus the employees inside the shop so every little whisper could be heard), it was the most embarassing moments of my life because I was thinking and saying to myself "Yoli, this is the best choice you have made ever".

Imagine what could have happened if I decided for porn movies and went directly to the XXX section. Now repeat the cashier scene again. Yeeeah!

If that was going to be the case I would have made sure I never put one step on that store again.

Hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I will enjoy mine. *winks*

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