Monday, April 26, 2004

Happy F. Monday!

Oh the pain…the agony!

If you’re curious how was the rest of my weekend, let me say this, in one way it was good, can’t complain, I stayed in bed all Sunday watching my horror movies which by the way sucked! I was expecting from the movies I carefully chose for about one hour in the video store to be more than scared of being home alone, on the contrary, those movies didn’t make any sense at all to the point where in one of those I fell asleep, how scary is that?

As I was doing practically nothing in my house I could not help to notice how dirty my home is, I found the living room sofas filled with dust as well as all the curtains in the house, the kitchen cabinets had hand splats all over, tomato sauce where you can’t even imagine, and a bunch of other defects I found, but all I could do is stare at the ugliness I am living in, I could not do anything else, I was devastated. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a very clean person but I don’t have the enough time to deeply clean the invisible places, so I just clean the visible ones, Clever!

I think that instead of giving my boss a 2 week notice before I start working at this other company I am going to give me 5 days off to clean up all the house from top to bottom, in every little corner I will see, hell I can even paint the walls. So I have decided I will make a cleaning schedule when I have my days off, that way I won’t waste my time on thinking what will go first.

After seeing the mess, I could not rest anymore, it was 10:30 pm and I was thinking on which cleaner to use to take that soap scum off the shower, what stain remover to use on the sofas. I ended up thinking it would be easier if I moved out of that house and make a mess out of the new one. He! At least I don’t have to deep clean right?

Everybody knows that after having long rests instead of feeling rested and ready for the working day it just doesn’t work that way, instead, you wake up lazy, sleepy and with a pain in your back as if you carried a big closet uphill. Well that’s how I feel now, my brain is all sucked up from the horror movies I saw and the cholesterol from the pizza I ate so practically I have no energy, but work already took care of that, yeah, with giving me nerve/stress shots early this morning and it still going. This has been the busiest working day ever since I started working for this company.

Somebody make it stop!!!

By the way, if someone knows how to take the comments on the top of my blog please be kind to tell me how, it makes me nervous to see two comments spots on one blog (I know I am a freak). I will appreciate it.

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