Friday, April 02, 2004

Cough cough...cough cough....cough cough cough

Yep, this is how I've been all day, and I mean all day!
Well it turned out I don't have sinus as I thought before, it's just that my boogers were so stuck to my nose they couldn't get out; so there!, as of now I am declared with flu, no doubt about it. I didn't have such bad flu since last year, I think it was already time my germs got out and have a little bit of fun over me right?, so to let it be free, I let my flu virus be as it is, with no medication, no cough syrups or anything that should be good to prevent my flu.

Run germs, run and discover new systems to attack!!!...

Yeah!, I already spread my germs all over the second floor (that's where I am at, located at the perfect place, in the hallway...muuaaahahah). I sneezed in the Purchasing Mgr's. office, I coughed in the Buyer's office (that's a good blank, they're about 7 bodys ready to be germinized), and cought and sneezed at my neighbor, the general controller and his assistant (I'm sorry about that, really didn't mean it, I like those guys...really but I couldn't help it...sorry).

So I am just waiting for...I don't know what, I should be home by now it's friday afternoon, everybody came in late this morning except for me, I was the first one in the office (don't I deserve a little bit of credit for that?) but noooo, Yoli had to take half of wednesday off and now because I feel bad I don't want to leave early today, but this time I am sick, I can harly speak, I can hardly breath and I can hardly read what I am typing (that means I am a responsible woman *tee hee*).

I am preparing for my super dooper weekend, yep yep, my plans are sleeeppp, and rest...yeeshh!. Tonight I want to put my PJ's very early (right after I finish cleaning my bathroom, it's messy), make some popcorn and watch a good program (I don't like to watch movies much, they seem so unreal), maybe the discovery channel or discovery health, or maybe the national geographic channel or something with blood included, yeah!. (J/K).

Excuse me for being so lame today but as I told my best friend, my brain feels like a big booger and I have no idea....what?, i think I saw a huge fly flying around my head (can't tell if it's real or just imagination)

Go away fly!!!.

Tomorrow I have appt. with Mr. Doctor, oh yesh! you thought this Saga was over, well you were wrong, the continue of "Meeting Mr. Doctor's" still on, tomorrow at 1:30 pm (PST), I am just waiting for my final results after my final tests, I hope it's nothing serious and it was just a little thing that will cause me no harm in the future (yeah right! with my luck...I don't think so); I just hope he doesn't have to open my bladder in two. *yikes*. My dear boyfriend is coming with me (like he has a choice) after that I just want to go home and rest my flu. Oh this flu!!...why?? why flu? just came in two moths ago, you messed me up and here you are again giving me more trouble! (yeah I'm a little bit upnormal when I get sick of the flu, usually I just stay in bed for a couple of weeks because I get chronic bronchitis..ain't that beautiful?).

I think I've stayed in my "work" place for too long now, I'll just pretend I came in at 8?, so I'll just leave at 4, that's pretty fair no, look at all the buyer's they came in at 8, today is "buyer's day out at The Attic" so they're probably leaving at 5:00 pm which means they've only worked for 9 hours, excluding lunch break and oh how can I forget? "Friday Breakfast Slam Jam" in the cafeteria room. So that should be 7 hours of work less the play time, ok, 3 hours of work. Which reminds me of something....

There's this girl in the Purchasing Dept. which I don't know why I simply dislike, we'll call her "Puebla" because that's where she's from. So Puebla comes in at about 8 am every day, with her daily extravagant "I woke up late and I am running late for work and I am not going to take a shower because is late so I'll just hold my hair into a badly made bun because I don't have time to spray some gel on it because as I said before I'm late for work" hair do, wearing a typical and very simple tshirt (which to my personal opinion I would only wear on weekends in house and on laundry days or when I am cleaning up my house or simply when I didn't take a shower days),jeans you know, the ones that have loose strings in the bottom of the jeans like they were very old (or maybe hers are really old) and a pair of red snikkers...oh yeah forgot to say although I don't think I need to say...with no make up. She's the popular girl in the dept. because she's very social and stuff...(hhmm whatever) so she spends the whole day on the phone laughin, or joking, or just eating, everything you can think of but not working. So This morning her boss (a very mean lady...she's a 43 year old smart ass squitzofrenic single woman) asks "P" to give her a feedback on some thing that "P" should have been working on earlier in the day, and "P" replies (with her really really ugly spoken english) "I no have time to check it now"....I could not resist myself laughin at that answer when a few minutes ago I heard her playing around with the other buyers and talking about some picnic they're planing for easter weekend (but she doesn't have time to work).

So for this reason, I am leaving early, oh yes I am, it's 4:25 pm and I am sick, I just felt someone turned the A/C on when right now it's raining outside!, I can't believe this...(you see now why I hate my job?). AGrrr!!..

Ok, too much bad vibe in this blog, you all don't deserved it, I don't know how many read my posts but still, thank you.

So I'll just leave it for now and will continue on Monday, hope everybody a nice weekend and stuff. (this reminds me one time on Christmas eve, there is this Manager I know who right before the christmas shut down told me, "well I'll see you next year so I wish you all those nice things and stuff"....huh?....good!, he didn't specify what so that should be good right?)

Anyhow, it's 4:30 so I should be heading off now.


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