Friday, April 30, 2004

Casual Friday!

Talking about "fitting in"...

So Friday’s suppose to be a casual day of work, no pressure, no boss, no bad mood, no work, which means you should be wearing comfortable clothing, that’s why the name “Casual Friday” comes from. It gives you a though you should wear comfortable clothing for that special last day of the week to forget about stress …right?

Well all the “Muppets” in this crappy joint so called “company” (LMAO at the concept ‘cause it looks more like a homeless shelter than a manufacturing company) think that regular office clothing are jeans, or sweatpants, baggie jeans, T-shirts with obscenities on the back, sneakers, an old dirty cap, and a drawl at the edge of your mouth is called “office clothing”.

But when Friday’s come the opposite happens. Girls would usually wear mini skirts, tight “hip hugger” pants where you can see women walking and can barely move or bend because the “G-string” might show, tang tops, and huge “hoochie Mamma” looking high heel shoes with platform and glitter all over (but they don’t want men to sexually harass them looking like this right?).

Guys would dress more decent, cashmere slacks and silk shirts with nice shiny “tap dancer” shoes (let’s not forget the white sport socks underneath those cashmere slacks).

All of them ready to go to “Dah Club” after work.


These “Muppets” look at me every day with a “who’s that ridiculous woman looking like an Old G.” look on their faces Mon-Thurs and give me a dispective “this woman has no taste in clothes” look when I bring my jeans, shirt and comfy shoes on Friday.

I really don’t belong here!

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