Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bitch alert!

The more I ponder today the bitchier I get…

I developed a bad mood today ever since I was late this morning all because of the weather’s fault and the people who tell the weather. This is not nice.

My schedule for today was to wear a black silk blouse and white pants. But I felt the weather was too warm to wear black, so I changed into something cooler with no sleeves, then I heard on the radio there would be a 75ºF weather today and I had to change my clothes into something warmer…again, and that meant to dive inside my closet and start looking for something, what? I don’t know but something that would keep me warm; I tried 3 different shirts, a blue one, a brown one and a blue one with pink; neither of those were ok, but what the heck! It was getting late; I had to change pants, socks, and shoes. Hair was not yet fixed.

As I didn’t want to have the same horrible experience of having my hair burned, I had to use the drier from a distance, so far away from my head it really didn’t dry my hair, I forgot my anti frizz oil so guess what? My hair turned puffy, despite the “puffyness” of my hair, when I got out of my house the weather suddenly was not moist anymore and there were winds of 30 mph, so guess what? My hair was puffy…and developed static. Still, as I was running late I didn’t want to move my hair anymore or I would screw it up, so I just left it that way; but now, the weather is not windy, nor dry, now is moist with black clouds, so guess what? My hair is not puffy anymore, has no static, but now is half curly, half straight, half puffy, half ruined.

Am I right of being in a bad mood today?

Oh yes I am!

Don’t mess with Yoli’s hair…she could be mean!

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