Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Big Boo-Boo...Big!

What I have done is the worst experiment ever since I removed my eyebrows for the first time. You know, I always color my hair because at my 24 years of age I have white hair already and well, it makes me look older; so usually I use a burgundy color, pretty neat; I’ve used it now for about 6 years and as I always get tired of the same looks, I always change what ever is changeable, so yesterday I changed the color of my hair to bluish black.

The Results:

Oh! The pain!, The Agony!, The frustration!, The desperation and need of grabbing a machine and cut my hair right thru the scalp, irrigates my own!.

At this moment, I wished my hair was a wig so I could bleach it back to the color it had before with no damage. I regret (and I never regret anything, but now I do!) of ever thinking that black would fit me…I was wrong!…So wrong I was!…Too…Damn Wroooonnng!…

>Deep Breath<

Next plan is, today, I am buying my regular bottle of burgundy color and re-color my hair in two weeks. I’ll just have to stick with my black hair and I’ll try not to look at myself in the mirror more than 2 seconds. And it’s not just me who didn’t like it, everybody in the office didn’t like it, they asked me with a face like they were looking at Pepe Le Pew passing by in front of them:

Office Monkeys: “Did you color your hair?”
Me: Duh! No, my hair changes color depending my mood and weather conditions…Of course I did color it!!!…Can’t you smell the ammonia impregnating your nostrils?!. Foo!.

My boyfriend saw me last night and I got the same reaction from him as I did from myself, but he was sweeter, he said it looked ok, but he liked the other color better.

So by anonymous votes, I am changing my color back to the old burgundy color. And no more blacks for me, I mean, I can use any red I’d like, hell! Even I can use blondish colors but black…No!

Moral of the story:

I should follow the instructions in the box before use (i.e. make a test area first and if I like it I keep it, if I don’t, I leave it, that way I won’t have the desire of taking off my scalp and replace it with the girl’s next office scalp as I do right now).

The End.

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