Friday, April 23, 2004

Bad Hair Day!

Things could not get any worst…

I woke up this morning with a flirty mood, oh yes! Lil’o Yoli wanted to wear nice jeans with new shirt and pretty shoes and a great hair look. Well, it was the very first time I was going to straight my hair all by myself, so I got my hair dryer and my brand new round brush and there she went; everything was doing ok until I reached the back of my head, this is so difficult, I could not see where my brush was and I could not see where the hair dryer was pointing the super hot air, and as I was making strokes with my brush and my dryer was “in place” I smelled something similar to burned chicken feathers and I could feel my head getting very hot. The immediate reaction was to keep the brush and the dryer away and see what happened, the only thing I could see was the brush with tiny burnt curly hair with a bit of smoke, I thought it would be one hair that maybe flew inside the dryer and got burned so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

So I finished straightening my hair and it looked great from the front, and I wanted to check the back of my head to see if it was the same way. When I turned the mirror to the back of my head I saw lots and lots of little white hair all curled up, when I touched them they felt rough; I just saw myself on the mirror and the “Oh Shit!” expression popped on my face, I BURNT MY HAIR! So not only do I have a color on my hair that I don’t like, but now, my hair is burnt; what’s up with this???

I spent 15 minutes of extra time which meant 20 minutes of being stuck in traffic on the way to work which meant I was late trying to cut the tiny curly burnt parts of hair from the back of my head that in the first place I could not even see very well because I didn’t have my glasses on and my hair is too short to have it brought to the front to cut it. I got so desperate that I preferred to leave it as it was and go to work, but I’m the kind of person that if something is not right I don’t stop teasing until it’s right so I couldn’t resist going to the ladies room with scissors on hand and ready to cut the whole thing, and if it was necessary I would turn bald.

Well I can’t say now how bad it’s, but at least most parts of the burnt hair are gone, just I don’t want to see my hair stylist face when he sees my hair all chunked in different sizes, man!, he’s gonna kick my ass I know.

Now the “Chipmunks” from the office next door (the buyers) “Chip N’ Dale” (these two girls will never stop talking, mocking or arguing, they’re so annoying) were walking behind me on the office hallway, and all I could hear their mock and giggle as I was walking away. I know they were mocking me because as soon as I walked over they stopped and walked behind me and started laughing. How rude is that!? I hope Donald Duck has better luck this time so he catches both and sends them to the moon with a rocket.

At least something good will happen this afternoon; I finally got the job offer from that company yesterday afternoon, so Part 2 of the story is almost finished, I will go sign the job proposal and submit my resignation letter to my boss on Monday. Woo hoo!, how cool is that? Now that is something to celebrate and mock at those chipmunks, they’re stuck here in this joint with “Cruela Devile” (their boss).


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