Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Another boss, another guess...

When will this ever end?

Today the staff met and interviewed our new “prospect” of General Manager. To begin with, when I first heard the name “Kakarelis” I was not feeling enthusiastic about answering my new boss’s phone like this: “N. Kakarelis office, good morning this is Yoli”. Hell no! Super duper Hell no! If I’m gonna have a boss under the name Kakarelis, first I will throw myself out of a building, how denigrating, how low.

Sorry to say this, but those who have a funny name should not even have a place like an executive office, you know why? Because we mock! Yes, we mock, a lot. And don’t give me no speech about how to respect anybody’s name and roots, because I have a funny last name too and I know how it is and what it feels like to be mocked at because your last name sounds funny or rhymes with something. To me they always call me Jolly Rancher, Yoliland, Yo’ Lee! And my last name always has to be changed into something morbid or pornographic or grotesque or dirty, but what can I do, Right? The only difference is I don’t have to be talking to people or have to know my complete name, on the other hand, General Managers always deal with lots of people, and well the mock can’t be hidden.

Good for me, all the staff gave their thumbs down to this midget, oh because besides the funny name he could be confused with a dummy, that’s because the guy is too short, with a big head and very dark and thick eyebrows and lashes. That was close.

Still, tomorrow we will meet our second “prospect” of General Manager, we’ll see how that comes out, at least the last name is decent.

Hopefully I won’t be here to see the whole transition process all over again, in a way is very…traumatizing.

Oh well,

Happy Humpday everyone.

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