Thursday, April 29, 2004

1st. Morning Thoughts

I pondered many things this morning on my way to work, and then, at work...

1) My hair don't fit today, neither does my clothing, and the weather does not match with my clothes. I'm freezing my tooshy.

2) The weather man is always wrong, no matter what station or channel you turn to, in my area you should do the opposite of what weather man says...I still haven't learned that, I keep doing it wrong, for that, I'm freezing my tooshy....lesson learned.

3) In my school years (I feel old now) I never went through what parents or students are going through today in my country; I remember I used to walk any day or time to the school I wanted to go and ask for a pass for my admission test. Now, if you walk or drive nearby a school zone you will see an endless row of people with beach chairs, umbrellas and freezer boxes day and night...No they're not camping, or waiting for a parade to pass by. They're making line to get passes for admission tests to get into school.

4) I used to shake hands with one of my coworkers here every morning, one day, I saw him scratching his butt, and this continued throughout the day, several times, every time I walked by him he did the "itchy butt" move, and the same happened the next day, and the next after that. From that day on, I don't let him touch my cookies.

5) For 6 months, I struggled with all the managers at my work to send their reports on time every day. I tried many nice and polite ways to make them understand my boss needs his reports ASAP. Today, now that I'm leaving this company next week I have found the most effective way withouth shouting, emailing or phone calling them every minute...I stuck letter size post it notes on each office door as a reminder with my request with huge bold letters...that did not only made everything easier for me but it embarassed them all infront of the rest of the employees... If I knew this would work 6 months ago I would've been a happy Admin.

More on my ponders later this day.

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