Tuesday, April 27, 2004

100º Temperature and no water!

Things always have to happen to me…

We’ve had 100º F temperature since last weekend and what worst can you expect when you come home from work all sweaty, hot and sticky and the only thing you want to do is take a shower with cool water. Right? Well that didn’t happen to me.

What did happen to me was everything except for the water part, there was no water in my house! So I thought everybody else was in the same situation as I was but I was wrong. I live in a 3 story building and my apartment is in the bottom, you know when you live in apartments you can hear everybody else’s noises where ever you move, and while I was complaining about my misfortune of not having water in such hot weather I heard a washer machine, that was weird, if there was no water nobody should be washing clothes, unless the people upstairs were dry cleaning in the washer machine?

Time went by and I still heard watery noises all over the building and I could not understand why the people from upstairs had the privilege; I checked my water bill and it was already paid and began to concern me. Now this something that makes you think something is really fishy; after 8 pm which means after 2 ½ hours of waterless time my other neighbor from upstairs arrived to her apartment, I heard her footsteps, I heard she went to the restroom, she peed, she flushed, the tank recharged, she washed her hands, and she TOOK A SHOWER!.

That’s when the coin dropped on my head, I was the only one with no water in the building. By the time I realized that it was already too dark and too late to go outside and check the water meter but still I went there and give it a check of why was I not getting any water. So there I went, and there it was, a big water leak on MY water meter (still didn’t make any sense), is that the reason why I don’t have any water? The water meter had been leaking for so long, the mud was not mud anymore, it was water with dirt.

This morning woke up at 4:00 am, and went and checked if I had water, and no, still no water, so I had no other choice but to take my shower “Mexican style” or as we call it in Mexico “banio a jicarazo” which consists on putting hot water in a bucket and with a little “jicarita” or tupper ware shaped in a bowl, take a shower as if you were moisting a turkey in the oven. (You learned something new today)

Lil’O me is now teasing the water company every 2 hours to make sure the water company sends somebody to check on my water meter because I am not staying without water for another day.

Hell No!.

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