Friday, April 30, 2004

I just noticed, it takes me half a day to read all the blogs in my links...
That's a great way to spend a working day.

Happy Weekend every one!

Casual Friday!

Talking about "fitting in"...

So Friday’s suppose to be a casual day of work, no pressure, no boss, no bad mood, no work, which means you should be wearing comfortable clothing, that’s why the name “Casual Friday” comes from. It gives you a though you should wear comfortable clothing for that special last day of the week to forget about stress …right?

Well all the “Muppets” in this crappy joint so called “company” (LMAO at the concept ‘cause it looks more like a homeless shelter than a manufacturing company) think that regular office clothing are jeans, or sweatpants, baggie jeans, T-shirts with obscenities on the back, sneakers, an old dirty cap, and a drawl at the edge of your mouth is called “office clothing”.

But when Friday’s come the opposite happens. Girls would usually wear mini skirts, tight “hip hugger” pants where you can see women walking and can barely move or bend because the “G-string” might show, tang tops, and huge “hoochie Mamma” looking high heel shoes with platform and glitter all over (but they don’t want men to sexually harass them looking like this right?).

Guys would dress more decent, cashmere slacks and silk shirts with nice shiny “tap dancer” shoes (let’s not forget the white sport socks underneath those cashmere slacks).

All of them ready to go to “Dah Club” after work.


These “Muppets” look at me every day with a “who’s that ridiculous woman looking like an Old G.” look on their faces Mon-Thurs and give me a dispective “this woman has no taste in clothes” look when I bring my jeans, shirt and comfy shoes on Friday.

I really don’t belong here!

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bitch alert!

The more I ponder today the bitchier I get…

I developed a bad mood today ever since I was late this morning all because of the weather’s fault and the people who tell the weather. This is not nice.

My schedule for today was to wear a black silk blouse and white pants. But I felt the weather was too warm to wear black, so I changed into something cooler with no sleeves, then I heard on the radio there would be a 75ºF weather today and I had to change my clothes into something warmer…again, and that meant to dive inside my closet and start looking for something, what? I don’t know but something that would keep me warm; I tried 3 different shirts, a blue one, a brown one and a blue one with pink; neither of those were ok, but what the heck! It was getting late; I had to change pants, socks, and shoes. Hair was not yet fixed.

As I didn’t want to have the same horrible experience of having my hair burned, I had to use the drier from a distance, so far away from my head it really didn’t dry my hair, I forgot my anti frizz oil so guess what? My hair turned puffy, despite the “puffyness” of my hair, when I got out of my house the weather suddenly was not moist anymore and there were winds of 30 mph, so guess what? My hair was puffy…and developed static. Still, as I was running late I didn’t want to move my hair anymore or I would screw it up, so I just left it that way; but now, the weather is not windy, nor dry, now is moist with black clouds, so guess what? My hair is not puffy anymore, has no static, but now is half curly, half straight, half puffy, half ruined.

Am I right of being in a bad mood today?

Oh yes I am!

Don’t mess with Yoli’s hair…she could be mean!

1st. Morning Thoughts

I pondered many things this morning on my way to work, and then, at work...

1) My hair don't fit today, neither does my clothing, and the weather does not match with my clothes. I'm freezing my tooshy.

2) The weather man is always wrong, no matter what station or channel you turn to, in my area you should do the opposite of what weather man says...I still haven't learned that, I keep doing it wrong, for that, I'm freezing my tooshy....lesson learned.

3) In my school years (I feel old now) I never went through what parents or students are going through today in my country; I remember I used to walk any day or time to the school I wanted to go and ask for a pass for my admission test. Now, if you walk or drive nearby a school zone you will see an endless row of people with beach chairs, umbrellas and freezer boxes day and night...No they're not camping, or waiting for a parade to pass by. They're making line to get passes for admission tests to get into school.

4) I used to shake hands with one of my coworkers here every morning, one day, I saw him scratching his butt, and this continued throughout the day, several times, every time I walked by him he did the "itchy butt" move, and the same happened the next day, and the next after that. From that day on, I don't let him touch my cookies.

5) For 6 months, I struggled with all the managers at my work to send their reports on time every day. I tried many nice and polite ways to make them understand my boss needs his reports ASAP. Today, now that I'm leaving this company next week I have found the most effective way withouth shouting, emailing or phone calling them every minute...I stuck letter size post it notes on each office door as a reminder with my request with huge bold letters...that did not only made everything easier for me but it embarassed them all infront of the rest of the employees... If I knew this would work 6 months ago I would've been a happy Admin.

More on my ponders later this day.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I'm bored

It really looks that I don't have anything to do right now...

Why is that every time long time ago when I used to chat on the internet people used to see me as a "green rubber ball with fur". Does this mean I look like a blob?, like a big bugger coming out of a nostril?

How did they guess that's how I feel? a "big fluffy green rubber ball with fur"

I'll leave that to ponder for later.

Stop the Yelling!

Cruela Devile is having one of her daily "yada yada yada's" in high volume, very, high volume.

I wished I could shoot one big ball of stinky used socks into her mouth so she shut up and faint from the odor at the same time.

This is what I picture in my head when I have a headache from too much shouting coming from this woman freak.

(Patience Yoli...just one week more and you're outta here)

Questions that Piss me off!

1.When people ask you what time it is and point to their wrist… I know where my wrist is! You don’t? When you ask where the restroom is do you point your butt too?

2.People who say “Hey dear” to ask you for something…I’m not your dear! Do you know what food makes me gassy? No right? Jackass!

3.It really, really pisses me off the people who are willing to search every corner of the house to find the remote control but are too damn lazy to change the channel.

4.When people tell you, “It always is in the last place you look for”… DUH! If it was in the first place I looked for why should I keep looking? PLEASE!

5.When you’re at the movies and the person next to you says “Did you see that?”…No dumbass! I paid 20 dlls to come to the movies and look at the ceiling! (These kind of people do not deserve to have a brain)

6.People who asks you “Can I ask you something?”…Like you’re giving me another choice! Just shoot the damn question!

7.Stupid questions when you say or do something:

a)I got stolen!…Who did it?

b) I lost my purse/wallet!…Where?

c) Something obvious happened to you and they ask “What happened to you? Did you cut your hair?” No A.H. I fold it and put duck tape in the back, or No, someone bite it till it got short.

d) “Oh You’re pregnant!”… No Dumbass! I swallowed a football and I am keeping 9 it for months.

e) “You’re here?”… No butthead! You’re looking at a freakin’ hologram

f) When you’re somewhere and the conduct should be obvious like a football field, a movie theater, a restaurant or a library, they say. “What are you doing here?”… Nothing, Just came here to wave at the waiters and I’m leaving, I came here to scratch my butt, I came to the library to get drunk and have a party. Jackass!

g) “Oh don’t tell me you’re smoking”… Nooooo! I’m just inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke, but I’m not smoking!

h) “Are you crying?”… No, I’m laughing so hard tears are coming outta my eyes. A.H.

i) “Are you angry? No come on, tell me the truth, you’re angry right?… If you know everything then why in hell are you asking?

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

100º Temperature and no water!

Things always have to happen to me…

We’ve had 100º F temperature since last weekend and what worst can you expect when you come home from work all sweaty, hot and sticky and the only thing you want to do is take a shower with cool water. Right? Well that didn’t happen to me.

What did happen to me was everything except for the water part, there was no water in my house! So I thought everybody else was in the same situation as I was but I was wrong. I live in a 3 story building and my apartment is in the bottom, you know when you live in apartments you can hear everybody else’s noises where ever you move, and while I was complaining about my misfortune of not having water in such hot weather I heard a washer machine, that was weird, if there was no water nobody should be washing clothes, unless the people upstairs were dry cleaning in the washer machine?

Time went by and I still heard watery noises all over the building and I could not understand why the people from upstairs had the privilege; I checked my water bill and it was already paid and began to concern me. Now this something that makes you think something is really fishy; after 8 pm which means after 2 ½ hours of waterless time my other neighbor from upstairs arrived to her apartment, I heard her footsteps, I heard she went to the restroom, she peed, she flushed, the tank recharged, she washed her hands, and she TOOK A SHOWER!.

That’s when the coin dropped on my head, I was the only one with no water in the building. By the time I realized that it was already too dark and too late to go outside and check the water meter but still I went there and give it a check of why was I not getting any water. So there I went, and there it was, a big water leak on MY water meter (still didn’t make any sense), is that the reason why I don’t have any water? The water meter had been leaking for so long, the mud was not mud anymore, it was water with dirt.

This morning woke up at 4:00 am, and went and checked if I had water, and no, still no water, so I had no other choice but to take my shower “Mexican style” or as we call it in Mexico “banio a jicarazo” which consists on putting hot water in a bucket and with a little “jicarita” or tupper ware shaped in a bowl, take a shower as if you were moisting a turkey in the oven. (You learned something new today)

Lil’O me is now teasing the water company every 2 hours to make sure the water company sends somebody to check on my water meter because I am not staying without water for another day.

Hell No!.

Monday, April 26, 2004

woo hoo!!!

I finally took out the comments in the header!

Thanks Justin, I may now return to my work.

I hope I didn't screw up anything in my blogs, he!

You can't learn anything if you don't mess up something.


Happy F. Monday!

Oh the pain…the agony!

If you’re curious how was the rest of my weekend, let me say this, in one way it was good, can’t complain, I stayed in bed all Sunday watching my horror movies which by the way sucked! I was expecting from the movies I carefully chose for about one hour in the video store to be more than scared of being home alone, on the contrary, those movies didn’t make any sense at all to the point where in one of those I fell asleep, how scary is that?

As I was doing practically nothing in my house I could not help to notice how dirty my home is, I found the living room sofas filled with dust as well as all the curtains in the house, the kitchen cabinets had hand splats all over, tomato sauce where you can’t even imagine, and a bunch of other defects I found, but all I could do is stare at the ugliness I am living in, I could not do anything else, I was devastated. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a very clean person but I don’t have the enough time to deeply clean the invisible places, so I just clean the visible ones, Clever!

I think that instead of giving my boss a 2 week notice before I start working at this other company I am going to give me 5 days off to clean up all the house from top to bottom, in every little corner I will see, hell I can even paint the walls. So I have decided I will make a cleaning schedule when I have my days off, that way I won’t waste my time on thinking what will go first.

After seeing the mess, I could not rest anymore, it was 10:30 pm and I was thinking on which cleaner to use to take that soap scum off the shower, what stain remover to use on the sofas. I ended up thinking it would be easier if I moved out of that house and make a mess out of the new one. He! At least I don’t have to deep clean right?

Everybody knows that after having long rests instead of feeling rested and ready for the working day it just doesn’t work that way, instead, you wake up lazy, sleepy and with a pain in your back as if you carried a big closet uphill. Well that’s how I feel now, my brain is all sucked up from the horror movies I saw and the cholesterol from the pizza I ate so practically I have no energy, but work already took care of that, yeah, with giving me nerve/stress shots early this morning and it still going. This has been the busiest working day ever since I started working for this company.

Somebody make it stop!!!

By the way, if someone knows how to take the comments on the top of my blog please be kind to tell me how, it makes me nervous to see two comments spots on one blog (I know I am a freak). I will appreciate it.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Home Alone!...

It was about time to have some "me" time for Me...

Woo hoo! I'm all alone today; my boyfriend went with his brother and nephews to Laughlin to get things ready for next summer vacations, you know, take the big boat, an extra van and some other things they need; and well from San Diego to Laughlin is abouth 6 to 7 hours driving, so he will spend the rest of the weekend over there aaannnddd....wiippyy! I'm here, on the computer all to myself, the TV all to myself, hey it's still early afternoon and I'm already in my jammies hehehe. It's like a slumber party starring me, my bacterias and my dust. It's going to be a great "partei", so if you want to join in, you're so welcome.

Back on April 8 I posted a blog about plagues. Well, here comes all over again, I have ANTS! It all started on Tuesday and these little creatures just can't get enough of my bug spray, they die for it! So I just keep giving them more, I supose with my experience in bugs this will keep on going until summer ends, so I still have plenty of weeks to go; I better run to Costco and buy me a box of Raid. (Note to shop list)

As I'm posting my blog I am enjoying a delicious snow cone, this can't be more perfect, I rented 4 horror movies to watch today and tomorrow, bought my popcorn to pop, got me plenty of sci-fi books to read when I am done with the movies, and my weekend is planned (Cleaning is not ont the list this weekend and neither is cooking, I'm getting me pizza!).

Aaaaahhhh! I'm so happy.

But let it rest on the book that this should not be repeated until the next 6 months, I don't want it to be a custom because then being all alone in the house will be boring and it will suck.

Funny thing is that as soon as my boyfriend walked out the door, I grabbed my bag and went straight to Blockbuster to rent me the movies. I was thinking to myself, if someone sees me right now that I'm looking at movies to rent everybody will think "poore woman, she's alone on a weekend and the only company she's got is her VCR, poore her more so because she doesn't have a DVD player"

While I was driving to blockbuster I was trying to decide what kind of movie to rent, so I was in between the comedy movies and horror movies, then suddenly XXX movies popped on my mind, I thought "No Yoli, you should not watch porn movies, it's not right, what will everybody in the shop think, what will the cashier think?". So I just voted for the horror gender; good choice, when I went to the cashier I had my 4 movies on hand ready to go and the little boy doing his job correctly asked my name, address, and all the details he could find in the system, god knows why! After making sure it was me who was taking the movies home he then proceeded to say out loud the name of each movie I was taking (have on note it was still early and there were 3 flies 4 children and 2 adults plus the employees inside the shop so every little whisper could be heard), it was the most embarassing moments of my life because I was thinking and saying to myself "Yoli, this is the best choice you have made ever".

Imagine what could have happened if I decided for porn movies and went directly to the XXX section. Now repeat the cashier scene again. Yeeeah!

If that was going to be the case I would have made sure I never put one step on that store again.

Hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I will enjoy mine. *winks*

Friday, April 23, 2004

Bad Hair Day!

Things could not get any worst…

I woke up this morning with a flirty mood, oh yes! Lil’o Yoli wanted to wear nice jeans with new shirt and pretty shoes and a great hair look. Well, it was the very first time I was going to straight my hair all by myself, so I got my hair dryer and my brand new round brush and there she went; everything was doing ok until I reached the back of my head, this is so difficult, I could not see where my brush was and I could not see where the hair dryer was pointing the super hot air, and as I was making strokes with my brush and my dryer was “in place” I smelled something similar to burned chicken feathers and I could feel my head getting very hot. The immediate reaction was to keep the brush and the dryer away and see what happened, the only thing I could see was the brush with tiny burnt curly hair with a bit of smoke, I thought it would be one hair that maybe flew inside the dryer and got burned so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

So I finished straightening my hair and it looked great from the front, and I wanted to check the back of my head to see if it was the same way. When I turned the mirror to the back of my head I saw lots and lots of little white hair all curled up, when I touched them they felt rough; I just saw myself on the mirror and the “Oh Shit!” expression popped on my face, I BURNT MY HAIR! So not only do I have a color on my hair that I don’t like, but now, my hair is burnt; what’s up with this???

I spent 15 minutes of extra time which meant 20 minutes of being stuck in traffic on the way to work which meant I was late trying to cut the tiny curly burnt parts of hair from the back of my head that in the first place I could not even see very well because I didn’t have my glasses on and my hair is too short to have it brought to the front to cut it. I got so desperate that I preferred to leave it as it was and go to work, but I’m the kind of person that if something is not right I don’t stop teasing until it’s right so I couldn’t resist going to the ladies room with scissors on hand and ready to cut the whole thing, and if it was necessary I would turn bald.

Well I can’t say now how bad it’s, but at least most parts of the burnt hair are gone, just I don’t want to see my hair stylist face when he sees my hair all chunked in different sizes, man!, he’s gonna kick my ass I know.

Now the “Chipmunks” from the office next door (the buyers) “Chip N’ Dale” (these two girls will never stop talking, mocking or arguing, they’re so annoying) were walking behind me on the office hallway, and all I could hear their mock and giggle as I was walking away. I know they were mocking me because as soon as I walked over they stopped and walked behind me and started laughing. How rude is that!? I hope Donald Duck has better luck this time so he catches both and sends them to the moon with a rocket.

At least something good will happen this afternoon; I finally got the job offer from that company yesterday afternoon, so Part 2 of the story is almost finished, I will go sign the job proposal and submit my resignation letter to my boss on Monday. Woo hoo!, how cool is that? Now that is something to celebrate and mock at those chipmunks, they’re stuck here in this joint with “Cruela Devile” (their boss).


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Another boss, another guess...

When will this ever end?

Today the staff met and interviewed our new “prospect” of General Manager. To begin with, when I first heard the name “Kakarelis” I was not feeling enthusiastic about answering my new boss’s phone like this: “N. Kakarelis office, good morning this is Yoli”. Hell no! Super duper Hell no! If I’m gonna have a boss under the name Kakarelis, first I will throw myself out of a building, how denigrating, how low.

Sorry to say this, but those who have a funny name should not even have a place like an executive office, you know why? Because we mock! Yes, we mock, a lot. And don’t give me no speech about how to respect anybody’s name and roots, because I have a funny last name too and I know how it is and what it feels like to be mocked at because your last name sounds funny or rhymes with something. To me they always call me Jolly Rancher, Yoliland, Yo’ Lee! And my last name always has to be changed into something morbid or pornographic or grotesque or dirty, but what can I do, Right? The only difference is I don’t have to be talking to people or have to know my complete name, on the other hand, General Managers always deal with lots of people, and well the mock can’t be hidden.

Good for me, all the staff gave their thumbs down to this midget, oh because besides the funny name he could be confused with a dummy, that’s because the guy is too short, with a big head and very dark and thick eyebrows and lashes. That was close.

Still, tomorrow we will meet our second “prospect” of General Manager, we’ll see how that comes out, at least the last name is decent.

Hopefully I won’t be here to see the whole transition process all over again, in a way is very…traumatizing.

Oh well,

Happy Humpday everyone.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The interview from Hell, Last Part

The Saga continues…

Yes, finally, I made it!!! All those interview are over!…So what’s next?

As every story in every book all the endings have to finish either in a tragic way or every body likes to read in a happy ending. Well let me tell you something, although my interview saga is over it did not have a happy ending, why? Oh I’ll tell you why. I got lost in the middle of nowhere and if I did not plan everything to be there 1 hour ahead of time it would have been disastrous and I would’ve never made it to that interview, I’ll tell you that!.

Fortunately my savior, yes my boyfriend came along with me, he could see my sad puppy face looking at him while I was telling him on Friday I had to go to San Marcos for the last interview and he had compassion over me so he reported sick from work and drove me all the way over there.

Everything seemed so on time, so perfect so unreal that I thought this was unreal and in fact, it was unreal. We crossed the border in less than 40 minutes, the traffic was perfect, in fact, there was no traffic at all, damn, everything was all good, but just when you think you made it, ah, there had to be a fly in that soup! I wrote down the driving directions and I didn’t notice I jumped one step where we were suppose to turn right to get the correct avenue to the industrial park, well, we went all the way straight, and yes, we past a long, long, very long way until the road finished and I never saw the freaking turn, and of course we were never going to see it because the turn was never in the driving directions because lil’o Yoli forgot to write that part. Oh well, we went back, and looked, and went back again and looked, and well, I was all hysterical and my boyfriend almost choking me because it was 10:20 and the appointment was at 10:30 and we still didn’t find that damn avenue!!!. Finally, my boyfriend said, “what if we turn this way and start looking for the building numbers it will be faster” and yes, he was right! In less than 5 minutes we were there; of course I was 15 minutes late and my phone was not working in that area how was I able to report myself lost?

I really owe that day to my boyfriend if it wasn’t for him I would have never made it. I could see myself driving in that place I’ve never been before in my life and looking for that street, I would have stopped in the middle of the road and cried, oh yes I would.

The interview was good, the guy squeezed my brain all he could but at least I felt he liked me, until the $ question arose:

Interviewer: So, I am looking at all the comments from the rest of the staff but I haven’t seen here your salary or what you wish to get from this company.

My inner self: Yep, I thought that too, show me the money!

Me: Well…

Interviewer: How much are your earnings then?

Me: $

Interviewer: And that is…monthly? Dollars? Pesos?

My inner self: What you think that’s too much for you or what? Why you looking at me funny? Stop looking at me funny!

Me: Weekly

Interviewer: And how much would you like to receive from this company?

Me: 40% more, or negotiable.

Interviewer: And why 40%? Because it sounds nice?

My inner self: If we are talking about sound, how does 200% more sound to you Dwarf?

Me: (I gave a presidential speech which I will not post here because it’s too long and too damn boring)

Interviewer: Well, yes, because I have read all your files and well looks like nobody has ever touched the subject about the salary we are offering here and what is the use of dragging you all the way over here if maybe you don’t like our offer right?

My inner self: Oh now you tell me, if you told me that in the first place I would not be coming here waking up at 6 am dragging my boyfriend to come with me and getting lost in a place where you’re a cell phone is useless for emergencies…damn you’re so ugly!!

Me: Yes, I figured the same…

Interviewer: So you never spoke to anybody about salaries?

My inner self: If you can translate my facial expression what in hell do you think, midget?

Me: No, until now that you brought it up

Interviewer: Wow, that’s strange

My inner self: Oh come on!

Me: Yes, it is.

So the end of the story is, this company will contact me after the feedback and they will try to make an offer after that and see if I accept or not. Now if you ask me, I don’t think they’ll call me back; just think, what is a Director Assistant trying to look for a position of a Production Manager clerk? It’s a matter of using logic here. If I sent my resume for the General Manager’s assistant position, why then suddenly they are sending me over to the Production manager? Do I have to assume the salary is higher there than the original request? I don’t think so.

This Story of course has a second part, which will be until I receive a phone call with the job proposal which I think it will be either tomorrow or if they want to make me suffer they will call me next week.

In the mean time, I’ll keep posting blogs about my current crappy job where the restrooms look worst than a cheap movie theater restroom and you have to wait in line because there are only 2 toilets for 150 ladies here. Yes, it sounds incredible but it’s true, the toilets don’t last clean for more than 2 minutes and right after the first 2 women use the restroom they are left “unusable”.


Friday, April 16, 2004

The Office "Hulk"

It really sucks to be the Assistant to the Directory of the company you work for...

This job is the worst job ever! (socially speaking). The last time I had a nice social relationship with my coworkers was a year ago, right before my Boss got fired, after that I became bitter.

What is the relation between being the Boss's assistant and not being able to socialize nicely with anybody? Do I look that intimadating? I don't think so!.

I remember back when I started working for a real company that looking at the Director's assistant was like looking at the "Venus of the Nile". Those nice looking girls with high heels and expensive clothes, expensive shoes, expensive make up and expensive haircuts were very impressing to me, but often the people around would say the Director's assistant was a "witch". I don't consider myself a witch (at least I don't look like one).

Working as the Director's assistant for 5 years now really is not all that and a bag of chips, on the contrary, it really is alot of responsibilities and yes!, I have to act like a bitch, not a witch, a bitch, and being bitchy is not easy, most if you were not born to be a bitch, but what can we assistants do?

If nobody in this company liked me before, because as I said one time all the "women parrots" in this company looked at me like a weird specimen, after acting really bitchy with everybody due to "management change" and my new boss requires a "Hulk" by his side to assist him. Well guess who has to be that "Hulk"? Everybody will end up liking me less. So I guess I earned it right? And now I have to pay for it, Heck! I think I've been paying for it ever since I started working in this joint so called "company" 6 months ago. The only people who half speak to me are men plus one married manager with children who is "secretly harassing me" (gross!).

My punishments for being the Director's assistant are:

1.- I have to stare at the monitor doing nothing and acting as I am working when I really have nothing to work on instead of going to the department next to me and have a little chit chat with the group or sneak around other departments just to say hello to everybody like everybody does here.

2.- Not be invited to any company group events because I am the bitch in the house which really sucks! (I wouldn't go anyway but still is nice to know you're invited somewhere)

3.- Stare at the window looking people passing on the street which having lunch.

4.- My only friend at lunch breaks is a book that I almost finish (that reminds me I have to get another book)

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I'm so hungry!

This is the very last time I eat something my boyfriend makes About two months ago my boyfriend made a typical persian dish with lamb meat. I don't like lamb meat (wost if it's frozen). When I first took it out of the topper ware it smelled weird (like sheep), *ugh*, still as I am the kind of person who eats food even if it's not eatable I tried, and I couldn't I had to puke it, it was really bad.

Today the same story happened, this time with the same dish but with beef meat, I had to choose every little bit of meat from the put along with the vegetables so I could not put any grease in my lunch dish. Still, it didn't get better. Again I could not eat it, I tried, and I couldn't, the taste was tasteless. So now I have something to be punished about by the omnipresent, but I think even the omnipresent would not eat my boyfriend's food, it's too damn bad!.

Poor guy, he's really nice and tries to make me feel comfortable and happy by making lunch for the next day but definitely is no helping my stomach. I had to put my dish away and just fill myself up with a bag of Dorito's, two oranges and one apple, that was exactly 5 hours ago, now again I am hungry, I just ate a few pretzels and I'm still hungry. Bleah!. I wonder if he eats what he makes...I don't think so.

The "G" was torturing over the phone, with the image of a juicy burger or a sandwich. Agh!, Good thing it's 5:00 pm, now I can go and eat.

Damn I'm so hungry!

By the way, I had a workload yesterday that it was so long since I said the word "work", so I have nothing interesting to say, work is never interesting, is always a boring subject.

Gone for Lunch/Dinner.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Big Boo-Boo...Big!

What I have done is the worst experiment ever since I removed my eyebrows for the first time. You know, I always color my hair because at my 24 years of age I have white hair already and well, it makes me look older; so usually I use a burgundy color, pretty neat; I’ve used it now for about 6 years and as I always get tired of the same looks, I always change what ever is changeable, so yesterday I changed the color of my hair to bluish black.

The Results:

Oh! The pain!, The Agony!, The frustration!, The desperation and need of grabbing a machine and cut my hair right thru the scalp, irrigates my own!.

At this moment, I wished my hair was a wig so I could bleach it back to the color it had before with no damage. I regret (and I never regret anything, but now I do!) of ever thinking that black would fit me…I was wrong!…So wrong I was!…Too…Damn Wroooonnng!…

>Deep Breath<

Next plan is, today, I am buying my regular bottle of burgundy color and re-color my hair in two weeks. I’ll just have to stick with my black hair and I’ll try not to look at myself in the mirror more than 2 seconds. And it’s not just me who didn’t like it, everybody in the office didn’t like it, they asked me with a face like they were looking at Pepe Le Pew passing by in front of them:

Office Monkeys: “Did you color your hair?”
Me: Duh! No, my hair changes color depending my mood and weather conditions…Of course I did color it!!!…Can’t you smell the ammonia impregnating your nostrils?!. Foo!.

My boyfriend saw me last night and I got the same reaction from him as I did from myself, but he was sweeter, he said it looked ok, but he liked the other color better.

So by anonymous votes, I am changing my color back to the old burgundy color. And no more blacks for me, I mean, I can use any red I’d like, hell! Even I can use blondish colors but black…No!

Moral of the story:

I should follow the instructions in the box before use (i.e. make a test area first and if I like it I keep it, if I don’t, I leave it, that way I won’t have the desire of taking off my scalp and replace it with the girl’s next office scalp as I do right now).

The End.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Squeeze It!!!

It’s amazing how I can get distracted so easily…

Yesterday I had a **“get together with the boyfriend’s/room mate/friend/ or what ever family” day out which I always find extremely boring. 3 sisters and 2 brothers along with 2 nephews and one brother in law are ready to go to “Point Loma”.

** All these concepts due to one discussion we had Saturday morning, trying to define my current situation with…my boyfriend/room mate/friend/or what ever he wants to be called, (the definition is not yet “defined”)

So as everybody is getting in like sardines inside an old van I’m thinking on the way what am I going to do, right? Well, fortunately for who, one sister in law knows a bit of English and she wants to make a conversation, so just imagine me and her trying to communicate; it’s very nice and sweet of her trying to make me feel comfortable around a family of Non-English speaking foreigners. She tries to tell me something about her son who got married and stuff and as we speak, you know we are all tight together so when I was looking at her face I was seeing double, so to get out of the embarrassing faces I was making in front of her (imagine me twisting my eyes to the center of her nose to a distance no longer than 5 inches) I had to change my eye directions everywhere except her nose, but she was so close to me I could see all the defects in her face, so as I was trying to find a spot on her face to stare at to not force my eyes (thinking it would be not polite to just turn my face away while she talks) I found a “huge” black head on her nose, damn!, I got fascinated by the size of that black head the only thing I could think about was to squeeze it…

Yeah, I wanted to squeeze that black head all the way till the end! I could see myself doing it, the image would not go away!!!, it was insane!!!. The need and desire of popping up that black head was more than I could bear, the Squeezy feeling was taking over me!

I don’t know if she ever noticed I was only staring at her black head and was not even paying attention to her conversation, well it didn’t matter anyway because I could not understand a word she was saying to me, I just kept nodding my face like an idiot while that black head was like a magnet calling my eyes and my thoughts.

Finally she stopped talking; maybe then she knew, I was really not paying attention, so she turned her face away from me, and until then, I was released from the curse of the black head!

Thursday, April 08, 2004


I was just thinking.

I hope I don't have frogs, and crickets and the pest and what ever other "plages" in the bible were mentioned because if I do, I'm freaking out...I'm serious...I'll lock myself in a mental hospital to never get out. For sure, no animals, insects, flies, frogs, etc. will get inside my locked room right?...Oh my god, I better start finding out if those hospitals have pest controls and desinfectants, and bug sprays and I'll ask if the fumigate often...yeah...that's what I'll do...

Ok I'll go now.

The Plague Passage

I was talking to my best friend yesterday who I will now call the "G", (stop thinking of names that start with G, first, her name does not start with G so cut it, G is short for a nickname "girlfriend"...ailright?) about how my home became like a biblical passage when it mentions something about "the plagues" because I've been suffering alot of that during my life.

First, back around 18 years ago my house got infested with mice, it was terrible because we were never able to get rid of those disgusting creatures until we moved out of the house.

Then, 3 years after that, my house got infested with fleas (we used to have a cat that we never noticed he sneaked out of the house at night and came back in the morning and filled with fleas), again, it took my beautiful mother a whole week to get rid of those horrible things, in the mean time well, we were all bitten and the cat just had to be dumped somewhere out and far from our home.

Thank the omnipresent, the "damned plague" disappeared for another 10 years, but then, we got infested with fleas again (we had another cat that used to sneak out of the house and infested our house with fleas), so, this time it had to be me the one who had to get rid of the fleas, and it took me 5 cans of bug spray.

1 year later, the fleas came back, (this time I had it, again I had to dump my cat nearby a baseball field so that someone could adopt it...Sorry, maybe the animal control will sue me for saying this but...take this...I don't live in the US so...Eat that!).

A few months later, I had ant infestation in my kitchen, (not that I am a dirty person, you can ask the "G" and she will tell you I am a clean freak...can't live without clorox!!) there's a ground filled with dirt in the back of my kitchen that is always messy because of the dirty neighbors, so there, I had to be the one paying for the damage because I live in the ground floor; it took me 2 cans of bugspray to eliminate the last tiny bitty piece of ant there was left in the house (or maybe even in the block of the street).

I thought I was "bug free" until last christmas, I saw little animals on my bed, I thought, this is the punishment for being so bad and not liking children!!..NOOOOOO!!!. Oh well, it took me several weeks before I could find out from where those tiny animals were coming from, because every morning I saw a bunch of those on my bed; I moved my bed upside down one night, I took off my blankets, covers, even I opened the mattress to see if there was something inside, pillows the same, floors, walls, and nothing!, I could not see the source. Well, the thought came to me like it fell down from heaven, as I was thinking of where, how and when did this infestation happened, I looked up my ceiling and thought, "I checked everything except the ceiling...why not give it a try?", so there you see me getting on the bed and with one can of bug spray I sprayed the entire ceiling, and boala!!!!, all those little tiny insects began to fall down one after another, there were hundreds of them, (yuk! just thinking about it just gives me the chills). How can you imagine you will have infestation of little animals even on your ceiling...this is ridiculous!!.

And still I thought I was saved?...well no!...just a week ago, as the season began to bloom the flowers and all those little spring season insects coming in, now I am infested with fruit flies!!...THIS IS IT!....I had it!....I cannot take it any longer!!...What have I done to deserve such horrible punishment???...

This is the hardest most annoying pest I've had ever since the flea infestation, because these are flies, they fly, and you can't catch those unless you keep chasing one by one and kill each of them! (I already tried that and it didn't work, just two days ago, I sprayed each and ever little fruit fly I found where ever I walked by in the house, I finished one can of bug spray and the freaking insects are still here!!!!).

So there!, this means, I cannot live without my bug spray, I have to keep it with me in case I need it, it's like the Mastercard but this one is "Raid...don't live in your home without it"...aaggghhh!!!!

I hope this fruit fly soon die...Die you freaks!!!..Die!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Relationships "S.U.C.K."

Today, is not a happy day for me, (I’m depressed >_<).

Last night I didn’t get any sleep, (if you call 2 hours of sleep sleeping then yes I slept), there’s a reason for that, I’m not an insomniac at all, in fact, I sleep like a log once my head hits the pillow, but reminiscing about 6 years ago, all of my nice sleeping went away to become history (this is why I look 30 when I am only 24).

It all started back when I had my first and only love, oh yes, it was magically delicious when it started, then after 4 years it became hell, then I couldn’t sleep, I had big arguments with my ex about who gets the most attention and who gets left out with no attention (that would be me complaining and the marathon would last all night).

Well I thought this would all end once I ended the relationship (this should be exactly 2 years ago), but then something worst came along. I got hooked up with another “semi-serious” relationship (this one is interesting because it all happened so quickly I don’t remember even how it all began), oh what a mistake! (believe me), someone should teach us girls when you end up a disastrous sick long relationship you should never…ever…hook up immediately with someone else, this should take it’s recovery time properly, but Noooooo!, Yoli felt alone and out of place, with no one to love her and no one to be beside her, (just my cat that paid attention to me only when it was hungry…*bleh*).

I was a happy gal for about 4 or 5 months (can’t recall, I was too busy acting like a Ho’ after my break up) after I broke up with my ex, my best friend always came along with me to take care of me and also so she could have fun of course; I made a mess out of myself; but then, I met “Him”, by “coincidence”, nothing serious, just a “hello, how are you” ( and all that crap that comes after that), well then one night the “unimaginable” happened, we kissed, we slept together, and now, after 11 months of going out we are “living” together “temporally”, “nothing serious” (This was 6 months ago). I thought, “Well, I guess it should be fun, the other guy was never there when I needed him the most and at least this guy is here with me so, what the heck!” (right?…wrong!…so…so…wrong!)

The problem of living with someone is that you start to feel like there is a commitment (that would be me, the committed Yoli) when there really isn’t one because there’s nothing tying you to the person you are living/sleeping with (that would be “Him”, the uncommitted “Him”), but at the same time if you “love” that someone, the commitment “automatically appears” in the relationship (right? … of course is right, why shouldn’t it be?… right?).

So the living/sleeping together thingy with someone made me ponder of the “Pros” and “Cons”.

The nicest things of living with someone is:

1. You wake up every morning with someone by your side giving you little
kisses and saying “Good Morning baby”

2. You fix dinner and lunch for 2 (not your cat and you, it’s you and “that
someone” now), plus you don’t eat with the TV on, you have someone to
talk to while you’re eating.

3. You have someone to talk to when someone made you angry at work or
something nice happened to you in the day. That way you won’t look like
a “weirdo” when you’re talking to your pet (in my case cat) about your
things in life and your pet just…meows/barks at you.

4. You play around with “that someone” in the supermarket while you’re
buying groceries for both. It makes it more fun, plus that avoids you to
wonder around the isles just looking for fattening munchies to eat when
you’re depressed, because depression simply is not there.

5. You get to have sex 6 nights out of seven (or least a quickie), so you
don’t need your special toys for your intimate entertainment.
6. After a day end, you get to use “that someone” as a pillow when you put
your head over that someone’s chest right before you go to sleep.

The ugliest things about living with someone when “that someone” is “Not” there:

1. Knowing that you are living with someone and that someone doesn’t show
up at a decent time to at least see your face before you take off your
make up and put your “favorite” jammies. That way “that someone”
will “remember” how pretty you are when you don’t have drawl all over
your face and your hair has the mark of the pillow on one side of your

2. Knowing you’re living with someone and the last time you saw “that
someone” was Sunday night, now it’s been three consecutive days and
you still haven’t seen “that someone” but you know “that someone”
comes to sleep every night because you can feel the “bulk” pushing you to
the edge of the bed with your butt freezing because most of the blankets
are covering the “bulk”.

3. Something great happened to you today and you want to run home and
tell “that someone”, oh! Forgot that someone comes home “late”, so you
just call your best friend to catch up with the great things that happened
to both.

4. It’s Friday night, you want to go party/dancing/dining/etc., it’s 9:00 pm
and “that someone” is “Not” yet home, you’re getting sleepy, 10 minutes
later, you fell asleep.

5. You just watched a very horny movie in HBO, you decide to take a
shower, wear something sexy and wait for “that someone” to eat from
head to toes; 20 minutes later, the fever cools off, and the only thing
you’re thinking about is wearing something warm and fall asleep.

6. You need help, you car broke, you have a headache/you had food
poisoning/diarrhea/etc. who you gonna call? ... yup!, you better call the
Ghost Busters ‘cause your “someone” is at the family house having
dinner, solving family problems or just catching up on yesterday’s family
news and he/she aint coming to the rescue.

In conclusion, I think I ended up in the same situation I ran out from 6 years ago, and the whining and arguing and complaining about “that someone” not been there when you need it has me sleepless every time I touch the subject.

In analysis, one of two things I will have to do to if I still want to look 30 when I reach 30 or better yet 35:

a. I break up with “that someone” and look for another “someone”; that who
knows, maybe will end up better, the same or even worst, or,

b. I stop whining about “that someone” not being there so I can rest in my

According to my “psyque”, I won’t do (a) because, I have feelings for the guy, besides looking at it from the cold side of things, he helps me pay the rent; and (b) would be a good choice… for now, but eventually I will get back to the whining, and complaining. So, I won’t do either of those. As a result, most probably I will end up looking like 45 when I reach 30. Looking at it from the bright side, in appearance I will look as old as my b/f.

Then End.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Hippy Moonday!!!

That's all I have for today, I may do you a big favor.
I don't have anything to write, my brain is too busy creating new brain cells, yes, the old ones were lost last week with my horrible sinu pain So..

Hippy Moonday!


Friday, April 02, 2004

Cough cough...cough cough....cough cough cough

Yep, this is how I've been all day, and I mean all day!
Well it turned out I don't have sinus as I thought before, it's just that my boogers were so stuck to my nose they couldn't get out; so there!, as of now I am declared with flu, no doubt about it. I didn't have such bad flu since last year, I think it was already time my germs got out and have a little bit of fun over me right?, so to let it be free, I let my flu virus be as it is, with no medication, no cough syrups or anything that should be good to prevent my flu.

Run germs, run and discover new systems to attack!!!...

Yeah!, I already spread my germs all over the second floor (that's where I am at, located at the perfect place, in the hallway...muuaaahahah). I sneezed in the Purchasing Mgr's. office, I coughed in the Buyer's office (that's a good blank, they're about 7 bodys ready to be germinized), and cought and sneezed at my neighbor, the general controller and his assistant (I'm sorry about that, really didn't mean it, I like those guys...really but I couldn't help it...sorry).

So I am just waiting for...I don't know what, I should be home by now it's friday afternoon, everybody came in late this morning except for me, I was the first one in the office (don't I deserve a little bit of credit for that?) but noooo, Yoli had to take half of wednesday off and now because I feel bad I don't want to leave early today, but this time I am sick, I can harly speak, I can hardly breath and I can hardly read what I am typing (that means I am a responsible woman *tee hee*).

I am preparing for my super dooper weekend, yep yep, my plans are sleeeppp, and rest...yeeshh!. Tonight I want to put my PJ's very early (right after I finish cleaning my bathroom, it's messy), make some popcorn and watch a good program (I don't like to watch movies much, they seem so unreal), maybe the discovery channel or discovery health, or maybe the national geographic channel or something with blood included, yeah!. (J/K).

Excuse me for being so lame today but as I told my best friend, my brain feels like a big booger and I have no idea....what?, i think I saw a huge fly flying around my head (can't tell if it's real or just imagination)

Go away fly!!!.

Tomorrow I have appt. with Mr. Doctor, oh yesh! you thought this Saga was over, well you were wrong, the continue of "Meeting Mr. Doctor's" still on, tomorrow at 1:30 pm (PST), I am just waiting for my final results after my final tests, I hope it's nothing serious and it was just a little thing that will cause me no harm in the future (yeah right! with my luck...I don't think so); I just hope he doesn't have to open my bladder in two. *yikes*. My dear boyfriend is coming with me (like he has a choice) after that I just want to go home and rest my flu. Oh this flu!!...why?? why flu? just came in two moths ago, you messed me up and here you are again giving me more trouble! (yeah I'm a little bit upnormal when I get sick of the flu, usually I just stay in bed for a couple of weeks because I get chronic bronchitis..ain't that beautiful?).

I think I've stayed in my "work" place for too long now, I'll just pretend I came in at 8?, so I'll just leave at 4, that's pretty fair no, look at all the buyer's they came in at 8, today is "buyer's day out at The Attic" so they're probably leaving at 5:00 pm which means they've only worked for 9 hours, excluding lunch break and oh how can I forget? "Friday Breakfast Slam Jam" in the cafeteria room. So that should be 7 hours of work less the play time, ok, 3 hours of work. Which reminds me of something....

There's this girl in the Purchasing Dept. which I don't know why I simply dislike, we'll call her "Puebla" because that's where she's from. So Puebla comes in at about 8 am every day, with her daily extravagant "I woke up late and I am running late for work and I am not going to take a shower because is late so I'll just hold my hair into a badly made bun because I don't have time to spray some gel on it because as I said before I'm late for work" hair do, wearing a typical and very simple tshirt (which to my personal opinion I would only wear on weekends in house and on laundry days or when I am cleaning up my house or simply when I didn't take a shower days),jeans you know, the ones that have loose strings in the bottom of the jeans like they were very old (or maybe hers are really old) and a pair of red snikkers...oh yeah forgot to say although I don't think I need to say...with no make up. She's the popular girl in the dept. because she's very social and stuff...(hhmm whatever) so she spends the whole day on the phone laughin, or joking, or just eating, everything you can think of but not working. So This morning her boss (a very mean lady...she's a 43 year old smart ass squitzofrenic single woman) asks "P" to give her a feedback on some thing that "P" should have been working on earlier in the day, and "P" replies (with her really really ugly spoken english) "I no have time to check it now"....I could not resist myself laughin at that answer when a few minutes ago I heard her playing around with the other buyers and talking about some picnic they're planing for easter weekend (but she doesn't have time to work).

So for this reason, I am leaving early, oh yes I am, it's 4:25 pm and I am sick, I just felt someone turned the A/C on when right now it's raining outside!, I can't believe this...(you see now why I hate my job?). AGrrr!!..

Ok, too much bad vibe in this blog, you all don't deserved it, I don't know how many read my posts but still, thank you.

So I'll just leave it for now and will continue on Monday, hope everybody a nice weekend and stuff. (this reminds me one time on Christmas eve, there is this Manager I know who right before the christmas shut down told me, "well I'll see you next year so I wish you all those nice things and stuff"....huh?....good!, he didn't specify what so that should be good right?)

Anyhow, it's 4:30 so I should be heading off now.


Thursday, April 01, 2004

Sinus pain?..

Yesterday I had to take half of day off, my weekend was a little bit odd, I had this strange pain all over my face even all my tooth hurt and I could feel the inside of my skull burning hot, this is completely new for me, I've never had such weird pains before; so I check the internet for the simptoms and looks like I have a Sinus problem (when did that happen?), I thought Sinus only came from people who like to smoke and have big nostrals (well I was wrong) I have a small nose and very small nostrals and look at me I have sinus *blah*.

My new boss is so neat, I told him about my miserable pain and that I needed to go home early and rest but before I had to finish his report due for that day at noon, well as all of us Mexicans are, we are told to do something at a specific time for example tuesday at 9 am (Mexican translation means tuesday at...sometime between noon"ish" or maybe later...depending how I feel and if I like you, you might have it) there I was, me with my "face pain" waiting for the last mexicano manager to give me his report due since 9 am and it was 10:45 am and I still was there....waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting some more. My dear boss looks at me and asked me:

Boss: "weren't you going to leave "early"?,
Me: yes, but I'm still waiting for MM to give me his report
Boss: don't worry, give me what ever you have, and tell this guy to give me his report whenever he's ready, go home and get rest, you look miserable.
Me: Thank you! (the song of Aleluya and the sight of the 16th chappel appeared upon me)

Next thing before I left he started telling me all these weird stories about his friend who had sinus and had to go under surgery and it was painful....

I ran away asking the onmipresent these stories are not my case.

Today I am leaving with a strange sensation, my boss told me something weird about the japaneese, I hope is true, he told me he lived in Japan a few years; my boss told me that everybody that has the flu wears a surgical mask because the crowded masses are "germofobics"; japaneese don't use toilets, (they think that putting your butt where someone else put its but is nasty) instead, they just have a big hole on the ground where you have to drop your messy things (easy for men, pretty darn difficult for women).

Imagine this, women would make a contest of who hits the bullseye in the hole and who ever does it is the queen. Just like spitting contests in the mensroom right?. *sight*.

Have to run, it's 5:00 pm, boss is out of town for the next going home, me going to rest, me going to have party while the boss is out...wee!