Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Yoli Went Belly Dancing!!...

Well...not really. Finally after I don't remember how many weeks I really got to get familiar with my boyfriend's family, he's iranian so their culture is kinda weird. It was one of the beautiful "movie like" spring sundays...yes yes...we woke up early morning and right away got ready to go with the family. A little bit of carne asada and enjoy listening to my bf's family talking a language I really don't understand but I pretty much get entertained just looking at their faces and hearing manipulating their tounge to speak; then the ugly part comes, my 35 year old brother in law (who I really dislike) joined us along with a "teenager?!". My face turned blank and thinking just two months ago my brother in law's "fiance" telling me how much she loves him, OH MY GOD!...That ugly mutha fucka I hope his wee wee dries up and falls down to the ground and the worms eat it!....Anywho! that's not important (hope you die freak!).

So we finally got all together taking pictures of everybody, we were around 12 people plus 2 little girls (boy! the littlest one makes me nervous!!!!), we were all sitting down making a circle, the family was talking and laughin, I was laughing too but don't ask me why *sight*. Then I see the cutie pie of my bf nephew who is about my age....(if I were stilll single I would eat him head to toes..mmm..mmm) bringing two drumbs, well...I didn't know we were going to sing. I could have prepared myself to give my best gurgles; while the nephew was playing the drumbs everybody else was singing and clapping and one of my sisters in law was dancing in the midle of the circle...I remember watching all of that in the movies but never live on stage, it was exciting...then I took more pictures, it was a "KODAK MOMENT" I almost cried.

Well, then night came quickly and we went to the big brother's house, sure everybody was tired but not too tired to keep the dancing going....Oh goodness, I wished my family was like that...it reminded me, every time we have a family reunion in my family everybody ends up fighting and arguing...well...to begin with, there would be no family reunion because nobody likes each other...LOL, so there, my first "real" family reunion with "real" fun and "real" charisma with a "real" family that is not "officially" mine yet.

Everybody was dancing in circles and the women in the house where making these exotic moves "shakira style" and I was drewling just looking at them, my bf took me out to dance with them...well I must say I am a pretty good dancer but infront of family I turn in to a stick and I couldn't move not even the fingers but at least I tried, and by trying I twisted my left leg, I felt like an old woman! SHAME ON ME!. I still have the soar back and leg and to think I just dance like for 10 seconds yeeshh! I better start getting me some belly dancing lessons for next time. Oh by the way...there's another party going on next sunday so I better start practicing watching a full day of "shakira's videos" maybe something will stick on my head and I'll remember it no?. In the mean time....tah tah!

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