Wednesday, March 24, 2004


F.Y.I…..I am Sooo NOT a family person. Now the coin drops on my head like a piggy bank, (NOT) I’ve known this since way before but I just can’t accept it and I can’t help it. It is just so annoying to see family more than….once a week. I’m not talking about my family though…well…I cut the umbilical cord since I was 20 because I could not stand seeing my own parents every day in the house…well now that explains it all.

And so the Saga continues….

So I went to the doctor on Saturday and it was not as I expected (feow!), it went much better, it didn’t hurt that much after all; I didn’t get to go with my best friend to the beauty salon because the appointment was canceled, and I went to buy my b/f niece her bday present with my b/f. So Sat. was not bad at all.

Booooring Sunday….yes it was!. So we woke up way too early to be at my “brother’s in law” for the party, and guess what??!. Everybody was wearing a suit and tie for a barbecue?! (how weird is that?).

Issues that made me feel U.N.C.O.M.F.O.R.T.A.B.L.E.

So now I was feeling undressed for the occasion as I was wearing a regular summer dress (issue #1),
As we were running late for the party I didn’t have time to do my hair properly so I just dry it off and left, so after a few minutes with all the wind I was looking like “Tina Turner” (issue #2).
All the people in the party, family members and friends were not familiar to me (issue #3).
My B/f brother in law was drunk and he insisted me too much on dancing with them (issue #4).
The weather was cold –and I was wearing a summer dress--(issue #5)
Nobody spoke English!!! (issue #6)
My b/f left me alone to go with his brother to the mini mart and buy more meat for the BBQ. In the mean time I had to be with me, myself, and ….the little one who after a few minutes felt bored and left me alone to go and sleep with her new bunny rabbit (issue #7)
All the males in my b/f family were dancing like “fagots”—and they were not drunk-- (issue #8)
All the women in the family were married with children (issue #9)

And last but not least!!!….

At the end of the night everything started to look a little bit better, we got into the house and put some decent music to dance until…
My b/f and his drunk brother in law were dancing and in a second his brother in law touched my b/f wee wee in front of EVERYBODY!…(issue #10).

At that moment I wanted to disappear from the faze of the earth.

Monday….”The Interview from Hell”

Well everything went as expected, except I had to wake up 30 minutes earlier and started the whole thing 30 minutes earlier, yep yep, a 20 minute interview…and after that, the unexpected came….

I thought, well, we were at the party yesterday from 1 to 8 pm (7 hours of family quality time I think it’s more than enough for a year or two) so we are going straight home right??…right?? who needs to see the family again the next day…right???…oh no…don’t take the south 805, no…you’re suppose to go straight!!…go straight!!!…NOOOOOOOOOOO…..dought!.

And yes, we were at my boyfriend’s brother home again. Right then and there I wanted to shoot him and run away. I wanted to leave as soon as we arrive but ugh!. Just looking at my boyfriend’s sisters faces all washed out from last night, my boyfriend’s brother in law had a hangover so he didn’t even want to look at me and my boyfriend was so happy I was looking at him and I could see in his eyes he wanted to stay all day over there but then he looked at me (Yoli Godzilla) and he realized I didn’t want to stay there for one more second, but still!, he went outside the Porsche and smoke one cigarette and chatted a little bit with his brother in law. What was I doing you’re asking? (well, as my boyfriend’s sisters were doing the chores in the house and they don’t speak my language I could not stay there looking at them, so I went outside with my b/f to follow him but I don’t like the smell of cigarette so …I was away, looking at the little ants carrying the leftovers of food from yesterday while I was waiting for my boyfriend to finish his cigarette. It was ETERNAL!!!. Then my boyfriend said the magic word…”let’s go” I was so happy but as soon as we got inside the house and he said goodbye to his sisters then the spell went away with the sentence “don’t go, stay for lunch with us”!….I could not help it and I said NO! I NEED TO GO!!!!.

Finally we left, it was horrible!, a nightmare, how can families live so happy seeing each other every day at every hour…!!! This cannot be!!!….I cannot believe it!.

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