Friday, March 19, 2004

Scarry Friday!!!...

Yes...It's scarry...a lot S.C.A.R.R.Y.!.!.!...Why?? wanna know why??...

Hell!, if you were going to an Urologist appointment the next day to have your pipi measured with a tiny "hose" you would be scared too!!...

So today, like I said last Wednesday, and I will change it now, this weekend will NOT...I will NOT! be my favorite weekend EVER!, I don't want friday to end and I don't want Saturday to come, worst. I don't want Monday to come either (the Interview from Hell remember?). Ugh!, Right now I wished I had those hypnosis classes to have me fall asleep while Mr. Doctor (why do all Urologist have to be male???...women have problems down there too you know!!!) inserts that thing right there...(ok I won't be explicit or I'll faint right now), just last week I had almost the same procedure with the doc. but that time was with a tiny video camera..oh yeah they shot me over there can you believe that? they charged me $200 dlls to put a camera down there....(aren't I supose to be charging that much for taking video of my noble little parts??) and the biggest disilussion was it was only for 3 minutes AND IT WASN'T PLEASENT!!!, ....what a ride!.

So there's an addition of the occurrences for tomorrow, my schedule for this weekend looks pretty busy for a trauma of such nature.

Saturday 9:00 am
Wake up, get ready, shave (for the friendly Mr. Doctor),
10:30 am, pick up my friend from her house (she's going with me to give me her support) and after that go to the Doc's clinic.
11:30 am, Do the undoable...OUCH!
12:00 am, You think that after that I am going home and have myself pampered after the intrussion?? were sooo wrong!, I promised my friend since a month ago to go with her to the beauty salon to have her done an "Extreme Makeover", ( I know her, it won't be so extreme and at the end she will have the tips just cut off) all added to the pain and the fear of not being able to sit down for a few HOURS, So I guess I'll just remain stand while I see my friend having her hair cut while deep inside I wished I was in bed, watching tv and trying to forget the trauma. (There's no place like home...There's no place like home).
2:00 pm Go buy my "neese in law" her birthday present (knowing myself with the pain, I'll just pick what ever is infront of me in the childrens dept. and I don't care if it fits or not!...I'm illed!).
2:30 pm, problably have lunch with my friend at Burger King...(yeah! I'll have a double woper...forget the freaking diet...I'm illed).
3:00 pm Sorry dear friend, Yoli has pain..need to go home...bed...sleeeepp!!..paaiiinnn!!..

Sunday ....Ugh!
Wake up at what ever time I wake up...I don't care...I'm still Illed ( if).
I am not so a family person and I hate being surrounded by people mostly if it's family members (don't ask why I'm a solo person). So it's going to be quite anoying to stay all day at my "brother in law" house for my "neese in law" birthday party...I'll probably just pass!....I'm not in the mood to listen to my b/f family talking in their language and me smiling like silly without knowing what they're saying, watching the "little one" yelling, screaming, crying and kicking everybody (except to me, if she does that she's better not do that "little one" *winks*).


Need to go away! :'(

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