Monday, March 29, 2004

Monday's Suck!

Monday, I hate Mondays, Mondays are the worst days of the week for me:

1.Because I’m still sleepy from last weekend which I didn’t have enough time to rest. Why? Because my BF is like a bird, as soon as the sun comes up he’s awake.

2.Because this work drives me crazy on Mondays and is not because the workload is heavy…on the’s slooowwwww.

3.Well..the point is, I hate Mondays.

Today, the weather sucks again, we are about 83ºF; I think I’m catching a cold due to the drastic change of weather (to think that just a week ago I was wearing sweater, undershirt and a jacket and today I am practically naked). My neighbor from work is screaming like hell, she’s starting to annoy me now, she hasn’t stopped yelling at his workers ever since she got in this morning; I wished right now I had a shut gun and just hold her furry head up the wall and practice gun shooting. (My head is still not good and I am having psychotic ideas about who ever annoys me today).

I’ll change the subject to have reminiscing thoughts about my weekend…let’s see:

So Friday night was “blank”, that’s how boring it was. I was in the mood to go out dancing but it never happen, instead, I finished doing my laundry and cleaning my house.

Saturday was good!. Super good, It’s been a long time since I didn’t enjoy myself with my best friend, ( I miss my single days btw) and it was revenge day (sounds bad but it’s true), for the first time in 6 months my boyfriend knew what it feels like to be left alone in the house while knowing your partner is having a good time outside; just when I came back from my day out, my boyfriend was already in his PJ’s and watching TV (with his boring looking face). It was still early 9:00 pm, my boyfriend was back since 4 pm so he had 5 hours of alone time just for himself (Yeah baby! That’s how it feels like when you leave me all alone every single day [including Saturdays and Sundays] while I know you’re having a good time out at your “family’s”).…..Sorry I just can’t help it. ….but feels good to make someone feel what you feel. (it’s all about sharing in a relationship right?).

Too bad I had to end up with a killer headache I could not kill even with Pain Killers ..
How bad was that?.

Sunday….(Not good at all)

So as the headache continued until I could not take it anymore and it knocked me out, I must have fallen asleep at around midnight, while I waited for the pain to go away I watched a Porn movie from start to end and the start of another porn movie, but I thought, “this is too much!” (Maybe that was the reason why I could not go to sleep and my headache continued banging my head so hard).

While I was sleeping in the arms of Morpheus my wonderful dream was interrupted with what I thought was a mosquito trying to bite me, I opened one eye I saw it was my boyfriend trying to wake me up I looked at the clock and thought “this is rude! it’s 7:00 am and I just slept around 6 hours and this guy is already awake??”. I am always generous because every time I wake up early and I see my boyfriend is still sleeping, I know the cruelty of waking someone up so I just let him rest in peace (But he doesn’t!).

So there the Bad Hare Day started with an unpleasant “awakening”. Adding the fact that the weather was extremely hot (80ºF), I wanted to go to the movies but the weather was so annoying and we didn’t have groceries and again…the headache was knocking on my head. ( Oh this was too much!). So to make a long story short, and in conclusion, my Sunday sucked!.

End of story.

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