Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Interview from Hell!

I just realized that Wednesdays are no longer my favorite day of the week because it makes me feel lazy because it’s half of week and almost Friday and then the weekend, more today is one of the worst weeks of my year because I just got a call from one company I am trying to work at and they have had me going back and forth from one interview to another and I don’t know when this will ever end. Just Monday when I received this call and cute Lorena told me the “great” news that finally I was going to San Marcos, CA( I feel like I am running a marathon where I can see the Finish line) for the ultimate interview, today a woman named Te! (who in hell would call herself Te??!!) took me off my cloud ( I have the strange feeling I might have some future problems with her…she looks bitchy) saying this would be ONE of the last interviews (I went WHUT??!!!!…I thought this one was the last one!!!..) well, I was wrong, there’s one more to go (yeah right!, that’s what they have told me ever since I started the interviews). I have gone through the finance department, human resources, manufacturing, production, Corp. manufacturing and maintenance ( I ask myself, why do I need to be interviewed by maintenance anyway?, are they going to ask me how I mop my house floor, change a light bulb or clean my toilet?)

Anyways!, that’s not the bad thing, the bad thing is I have never driven so far away around the San Diego County, just thinking about it gives me the chills ( I am a freakazoid when it comes to driving a car for a long distance) so really really really really am horrified…should I be?…of course I should!, and more because I have to drive for over an hour…just thinking that I have to cross the border from TJ and see this grumpy old man inspector asking me what’s the purpose of my trip my face will turn blue, my eyes will pup out and I will try to eat my lips along with my tounge showing my teeth with a silly cartoon like smile drawling on one side asking my head to think of the answer and the only thing I can listen to is a fly going inside my head!!…Auugghh!!! this though kills me…but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta (what ever this say may mean…I find it meaningless right now) I have no choice but to go there. To tell you a little secret I am already planning for a lie to say so I don’t go there, it’s my only day off and I have to stress myself with this stupid interview…

I am thinking of my Monday schedule looking like this:

7:00 am wake up, take a shower, get dressed, dry my hair, do my make up,
8:00 am ready to go and up we go to make that huge border line for an hour wait,
9:00 am On the road listening to Jammin’ Z90 biting my lips till they bleed looking at the yahoo map and asking god to not miss one turn or I’ll really freak out!.
9:45 am I should be at this company taking big breaths and finally waiting for my appointment with my interviewer,
10 am having a nice conversation where I just repeat for the 6th or 7th time the same old story about how I had to leave college to start working and why do I want to leave my current job,
10:25 am I am out there with a nice handshake and a BAD…BAD…BAD HEADACHE.

Conclusion: 3 HOURS of getting ready for a miserable 20 or 25 minute interview…Oh that’s just great!!!! And the way back looks a little bit less stressful but still I find it…WORTHLESS!!!.

I hope it doesn’t end up that way but just imagine me, right now Wednesday afternoon almost end of a day journey and I am already getting worried about how am I going to do it so I don’t have to go…because I don’t want to go!!…No.

Ah! What the heck, I’ll look at it as a mini road trip…NOT!

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