Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I have flies in my head...

Well, it's 10 minutes to 5 pm. This day has been the longest day of the year!.
I think my bottom is stuck to my office chair and I can't get out of it, that's how bad my day was. Fortunately it's almost time to go, by the way yesterday I caught the flu (I think it comes from far away in the midle east, my boyfriend is Iranian and his family has the flu..so now I do too), so with all that pain in my throat, the boring days in my work (what else can I ask for?, I get paid to do nothing and write blogs hehe, and still I am complaining....life is not perfect) and still the 6 minutes to go before 5 are being eternal! "wHEN WILL THIS EVER EENNDDD!!!". I want Hump day to come yeeahh! Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week again, two weeks ago I was not thinking the same but now I do, next week I will be working only 3 days (I love April!) April is my favorite month of the year (too bad for the allergies that come with it....life is not perfect though).

While I wait for tomorrow I can't wait till the end of the week, I want to get rid of this cold by next week, my best friend and I are supose to get together at my house and watch the Ellen Degeneres stan up comedy (can hardly wait for friday), I am an Ellen fan although I don't have time to watch her shows, Ellen rules!. If I was homosexual I would ask her to marry me, (too bad I am not).

Pleeasee cold go away!....

It's 5:00 pm so now I have to run...
Take care, eat fruits and veggies and don't get to close to the monitor, (you might get contagious).


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