Friday, March 26, 2004

HUH! It's Friday already??

Well today I have nothing to write about, my brain is flushed, I can hear my little walnut empty so, there's nothing inside.

While I was searching around all of your blogs, one interested me the most, well that and another one I read at first but I lost the name...anywho, finally after looking around in the blogworld I found a blog that it is interesting to my insane me, how cool is that?.

So now that I have found someone to match my blogs with (hehe) I may now rest in peace....for now...

Oh yeah!, something popped up my mind now; tomorrow I am making chocolate chip cookies for the 4th time in less than a month...I am not the pillsbury dough boy to bake that often but hey! it's a good deed (NOT) I'm taking profit out of it and my best friend is helping me, too bad I can't make profit out if the cookie business, the cookies are too damn expensive.

But what I am taking profit from is the day, finally tomorrow (I hope) I have some "ME and My Best Friend" quality time that ever since I started living with my current boyfriend I have not had the time to do. MEH! I miss my G.

I pray to the onmipresent to not go visit the "family house" this weekend (or any other weekend for the rest of the "relationship") or I'll shoot myself, (not really, but I would if I had the courage)

Enough of family business!!! I need a "family away" break, I need me!! alone, yeah!.

Have a good weekend kids!.

P.S. Don't be like me!'s not pretty, actually is anoying.

The song in my mind right now (not that I don't listen to it but I can't listen to this song at's embarassing) is: "HORNY" (Oh my god I'm Horny)


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