Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I have flies in my head...

Well, it's 10 minutes to 5 pm. This day has been the longest day of the year!.
I think my bottom is stuck to my office chair and I can't get out of it, that's how bad my day was. Fortunately it's almost time to go, by the way yesterday I caught the flu (I think it comes from far away in the midle east, my boyfriend is Iranian and his family has the flu..so now I do too), so with all that pain in my throat, the boring days in my work (what else can I ask for?, I get paid to do nothing and write blogs hehe, and still I am complaining....life is not perfect) and still the 6 minutes to go before 5 are being eternal! "wHEN WILL THIS EVER EENNDDD!!!". I want Hump day to come yeeahh! Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week again, two weeks ago I was not thinking the same but now I do, next week I will be working only 3 days (I love April!) April is my favorite month of the year (too bad for the allergies that come with it....life is not perfect though).

While I wait for tomorrow I can't wait till the end of the week, I want to get rid of this cold by next week, my best friend and I are supose to get together at my house and watch the Ellen Degeneres stan up comedy (can hardly wait for friday), I am an Ellen fan although I don't have time to watch her shows, Ellen rules!. If I was homosexual I would ask her to marry me, (too bad I am not).

Pleeasee cold go away!....

It's 5:00 pm so now I have to run...
Take care, eat fruits and veggies and don't get to close to the monitor, (you might get contagious).


Monday, March 29, 2004

Monday's Suck!

Monday, I hate Mondays, Mondays are the worst days of the week for me:

1.Because I’m still sleepy from last weekend which I didn’t have enough time to rest. Why? Because my BF is like a bird, as soon as the sun comes up he’s awake.

2.Because this work drives me crazy on Mondays and is not because the workload is heavy…on the contrary..it’s slooowwwww.

3.Well..the point is, I hate Mondays.

Today, the weather sucks again, we are about 83ºF; I think I’m catching a cold due to the drastic change of weather (to think that just a week ago I was wearing sweater, undershirt and a jacket and today I am practically naked). My neighbor from work is screaming like hell, she’s starting to annoy me now, she hasn’t stopped yelling at his workers ever since she got in this morning; I wished right now I had a shut gun and just hold her furry head up the wall and practice gun shooting. (My head is still not good and I am having psychotic ideas about who ever annoys me today).

I’ll change the subject to have reminiscing thoughts about my weekend…let’s see:

So Friday night was “blank”, that’s how boring it was. I was in the mood to go out dancing but it never happen, instead, I finished doing my laundry and cleaning my house.

Saturday was good!. Super good, It’s been a long time since I didn’t enjoy myself with my best friend, ( I miss my single days btw) and it was revenge day (sounds bad but it’s true), for the first time in 6 months my boyfriend knew what it feels like to be left alone in the house while knowing your partner is having a good time outside; just when I came back from my day out, my boyfriend was already in his PJ’s and watching TV (with his boring looking face). It was still early 9:00 pm, my boyfriend was back since 4 pm so he had 5 hours of alone time just for himself (Yeah baby! That’s how it feels like when you leave me all alone every single day [including Saturdays and Sundays] while I know you’re having a good time out at your “family’s”).…..Sorry I just can’t help it. ….but feels good to make someone feel what you feel. (it’s all about sharing in a relationship right?).

Too bad I had to end up with a killer headache I could not kill even with Pain Killers ..
How bad was that?.

Sunday….(Not good at all)

So as the headache continued until I could not take it anymore and it knocked me out, I must have fallen asleep at around midnight, while I waited for the pain to go away I watched a Porn movie from start to end and the start of another porn movie, but I thought, “this is too much!” (Maybe that was the reason why I could not go to sleep and my headache continued banging my head so hard).

While I was sleeping in the arms of Morpheus my wonderful dream was interrupted with what I thought was a mosquito trying to bite me, I opened one eye I saw it was my boyfriend trying to wake me up I looked at the clock and thought “this is rude! it’s 7:00 am and I just slept around 6 hours and this guy is already awake??”. I am always generous because every time I wake up early and I see my boyfriend is still sleeping, I know the cruelty of waking someone up so I just let him rest in peace (But he doesn’t!).

So there the Bad Hare Day started with an unpleasant “awakening”. Adding the fact that the weather was extremely hot (80ºF), I wanted to go to the movies but the weather was so annoying and we didn’t have groceries and again…the headache was knocking on my head. ( Oh this was too much!). So to make a long story short, and in conclusion, my Sunday sucked!.

End of story.

Friday, March 26, 2004

HUH! It's Friday already??

Well today I have nothing to write about, my brain is flushed, I can hear my little walnut empty so, there's nothing inside.

While I was searching around all of your blogs, one interested me the most, well that and another one I read at first but I lost the name...anywho, finally after looking around in the blogworld I found a blog that it is interesting to my insane me, how cool is that?.

So now that I have found someone to match my blogs with (hehe) I may now rest in peace....for now...

Oh yeah!, something popped up my mind now; tomorrow I am making chocolate chip cookies for the 4th time in less than a month...I am not the pillsbury dough boy to bake that often but hey! it's a good deed (NOT) I'm taking profit out of it and my best friend is helping me, too bad I can't make profit out if the cookie business, the cookies are too damn expensive.

But what I am taking profit from is the day, finally tomorrow (I hope) I have some "ME and My Best Friend" quality time that ever since I started living with my current boyfriend I have not had the time to do. MEH! I miss my G.

I pray to the onmipresent to not go visit the "family house" this weekend (or any other weekend for the rest of the "relationship") or I'll shoot myself, (not really, but I would if I had the courage)

Enough of family business!!! I need a "family away" break, I need me!! alone, yeah!.

Have a good weekend kids!.

P.S. Don't be like me!...it's not pretty, actually is anoying.

The song in my mind right now (not that I don't listen to it but I can't listen to this song at work..it's embarassing) is: "HORNY" (Oh my god I'm Horny)


Wednesday, March 24, 2004


F.Y.I…..I am Sooo NOT a family person. Now the coin drops on my head like a piggy bank, (NOT) I’ve known this since way before but I just can’t accept it and I can’t help it. It is just so annoying to see family more than….once a week. I’m not talking about my family though…well…I cut the umbilical cord since I was 20 because I could not stand seeing my own parents every day in the house…well now that explains it all.

And so the Saga continues….

So I went to the doctor on Saturday and it was not as I expected (feow!), it went much better, it didn’t hurt that much after all; I didn’t get to go with my best friend to the beauty salon because the appointment was canceled, and I went to buy my b/f niece her bday present with my b/f. So Sat. was not bad at all.

Booooring Sunday….yes it was!. So we woke up way too early to be at my “brother’s in law” for the party, and guess what??!. Everybody was wearing a suit and tie for a barbecue?! (how weird is that?).

Issues that made me feel U.N.C.O.M.F.O.R.T.A.B.L.E.

So now I was feeling undressed for the occasion as I was wearing a regular summer dress (issue #1),
As we were running late for the party I didn’t have time to do my hair properly so I just dry it off and left, so after a few minutes with all the wind I was looking like “Tina Turner” (issue #2).
All the people in the party, family members and friends were not familiar to me (issue #3).
My B/f brother in law was drunk and he insisted me too much on dancing with them (issue #4).
The weather was cold –and I was wearing a summer dress--(issue #5)
Nobody spoke English!!! (issue #6)
My b/f left me alone to go with his brother to the mini mart and buy more meat for the BBQ. In the mean time I had to be with me, myself, and ….the little one who after a few minutes felt bored and left me alone to go and sleep with her new bunny rabbit (issue #7)
All the males in my b/f family were dancing like “fagots”—and they were not drunk-- (issue #8)
All the women in the family were married with children (issue #9)

And last but not least!!!….

At the end of the night everything started to look a little bit better, we got into the house and put some decent music to dance until…
My b/f and his drunk brother in law were dancing and in a second his brother in law touched my b/f wee wee in front of EVERYBODY!…(issue #10).

At that moment I wanted to disappear from the faze of the earth.

Monday….”The Interview from Hell”

Well everything went as expected, except I had to wake up 30 minutes earlier and started the whole thing 30 minutes earlier, yep yep, a 20 minute interview…and after that, the unexpected came….

I thought, well, we were at the party yesterday from 1 to 8 pm (7 hours of family quality time I think it’s more than enough for a year or two) so we are going straight home right??…right?? who needs to see the family again the next day…right???…oh no…don’t take the south 805, no…you’re suppose to go straight!!…go straight!!!…NOOOOOOOOOOO…..dought!.

And yes, we were at my boyfriend’s brother home again. Right then and there I wanted to shoot him and run away. I wanted to leave as soon as we arrive but ugh!. Just looking at my boyfriend’s sisters faces all washed out from last night, my boyfriend’s brother in law had a hangover so he didn’t even want to look at me and my boyfriend was so happy I was looking at him and I could see in his eyes he wanted to stay all day over there but then he looked at me (Yoli Godzilla) and he realized I didn’t want to stay there for one more second, but still!, he went outside the Porsche and smoke one cigarette and chatted a little bit with his brother in law. What was I doing you’re asking? (well, as my boyfriend’s sisters were doing the chores in the house and they don’t speak my language I could not stay there looking at them, so I went outside with my b/f to follow him but I don’t like the smell of cigarette so …I was away, looking at the little ants carrying the leftovers of food from yesterday while I was waiting for my boyfriend to finish his cigarette. It was ETERNAL!!!. Then my boyfriend said the magic word…”let’s go” I was so happy but as soon as we got inside the house and he said goodbye to his sisters then the spell went away with the sentence “don’t go, stay for lunch with us”!….I could not help it and I said NO! I NEED TO GO!!!!.

Finally we left, it was horrible!, a nightmare, how can families live so happy seeing each other every day at every hour…!!! This cannot be!!!….I cannot believe it!.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Scarry Friday!!!...

Yes...It's scarry...a lot S.C.A.R.R.Y.!.!.!...Why??...you wanna know why??...

Hell!, if you were going to an Urologist appointment the next day to have your pipi measured with a tiny "hose" you would be scared too!!...

So today, like I said last Wednesday, and I will change it now, this weekend will NOT...I repeat..it will NOT! be my favorite weekend EVER!, I don't want friday to end and I don't want Saturday to come, worst. I don't want Monday to come either (the Interview from Hell remember?). Ugh!, Right now I wished I had those hypnosis classes to have me fall asleep while Mr. Doctor (why do all Urologist have to be male???...women have problems down there too you know!!!) inserts that thing right there...(ok I won't be explicit or I'll faint right now), just last week I had almost the same procedure with the doc. but that time was with a tiny video camera..oh yeah they shot me over there can you believe that? they charged me $200 dlls to put a camera down there....(aren't I supose to be charging that much for taking video of my noble little parts??) and the biggest disilussion was it was only for 3 minutes AND IT WASN'T PLEASENT!!!, ....what a ride!.

So there's an addition of the occurrences for tomorrow, my schedule for this weekend looks pretty busy for a trauma of such nature.

Saturday 9:00 am
Wake up, get ready, shave (for the friendly Mr. Doctor),
10:30 am, pick up my friend from her house (she's going with me to give me her support) and after that go to the Doc's clinic.
11:30 am, Do the undoable...OUCH!
12:00 am, You think that after that I am going home and have myself pampered after the intrussion??...you were sooo wrong!, I promised my friend since a month ago to go with her to the beauty salon to have her done an "Extreme Makeover", ( I know her, it won't be so extreme and at the end she will have the tips just cut off) all added to the pain and the fear of not being able to sit down for a few HOURS, So I guess I'll just remain stand while I see my friend having her hair cut while deep inside I wished I was in bed, watching tv and trying to forget the trauma. (There's no place like home...There's no place like home).
2:00 pm Go buy my "neese in law" her birthday present (knowing myself with the pain, I'll just pick what ever is infront of me in the childrens dept. and I don't care if it fits or not!...I'm illed!).
2:30 pm, problably have lunch with my friend at Burger King...(yeah! I'll have a double woper...forget the freaking diet...I'm illed).
3:00 pm Sorry dear friend, Yoli has pain..need to go home...bed...sleeeepp!!..paaiiinnn!!..

Sunday ....Ugh!
Wake up at what ever time I wake up...I don't care...I'm still Illed (NOT...but...as if).
I am not so a family person and I hate being surrounded by people mostly if it's family members (don't ask why I'm a solo person). So it's going to be quite anoying to stay all day at my "brother in law" house for my "neese in law" birthday party...I'll probably just pass!....I'm not in the mood to listen to my b/f family talking in their language and me smiling like silly without knowing what they're saying, watching the "little one" yelling, screaming, crying and kicking everybody (except to me, if she does that she's DEAD...literally...you better not do that "little one" *winks*).

Need comments...ycouttolenc@yahoo.com

Need to go away! :'(

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Interview from Hell!

I just realized that Wednesdays are no longer my favorite day of the week because it makes me feel lazy because it’s half of week and almost Friday and then the weekend, more today is one of the worst weeks of my year because I just got a call from one company I am trying to work at and they have had me going back and forth from one interview to another and I don’t know when this will ever end. Just Monday when I received this call and cute Lorena told me the “great” news that finally I was going to San Marcos, CA( I feel like I am running a marathon where I can see the Finish line) for the ultimate interview, today a woman named Te! (who in hell would call herself Te??!!) took me off my cloud ( I have the strange feeling I might have some future problems with her…she looks bitchy) saying this would be ONE of the last interviews (I went WHUT??!!!!…I thought this one was the last one!!!..) well, I was wrong, there’s one more to go (yeah right!, that’s what they have told me ever since I started the interviews). I have gone through the finance department, human resources, manufacturing, production, Corp. manufacturing and maintenance ( I ask myself, why do I need to be interviewed by maintenance anyway?, are they going to ask me how I mop my house floor, change a light bulb or clean my toilet?)

Anyways!, that’s not the bad thing, the bad thing is I have never driven so far away around the San Diego County, just thinking about it gives me the chills ( I am a freakazoid when it comes to driving a car for a long distance) so really really really really am horrified…should I be?…of course I should!, and more because I have to drive for over an hour…just thinking that I have to cross the border from TJ and see this grumpy old man inspector asking me what’s the purpose of my trip my face will turn blue, my eyes will pup out and I will try to eat my lips along with my tounge showing my teeth with a silly cartoon like smile drawling on one side asking my head to think of the answer and the only thing I can listen to is a fly going inside my head!!…Auugghh!!! this though kills me…but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta (what ever this say may mean…I find it meaningless right now) I have no choice but to go there. To tell you a little secret I am already planning for a lie to say so I don’t go there, it’s my only day off and I have to stress myself with this stupid interview…

I am thinking of my Monday schedule looking like this:

7:00 am wake up, take a shower, get dressed, dry my hair, do my make up,
8:00 am ready to go and up we go to make that huge border line for an hour wait,
9:00 am On the road listening to Jammin’ Z90 biting my lips till they bleed looking at the yahoo map and asking god to not miss one turn or I’ll really freak out!.
9:45 am I should be at this company taking big breaths and finally waiting for my appointment with my interviewer,
10 am having a nice conversation where I just repeat for the 6th or 7th time the same old story about how I had to leave college to start working and why do I want to leave my current job,
10:25 am I am out there with a nice handshake and a BAD…BAD…BAD HEADACHE.

Conclusion: 3 HOURS of getting ready for a miserable 20 or 25 minute interview…Oh that’s just great!!!! And the way back looks a little bit less stressful but still I find it…WORTHLESS!!!.

I hope it doesn’t end up that way but just imagine me, right now Wednesday afternoon almost end of a day journey and I am already getting worried about how am I going to do it so I don’t have to go…because I don’t want to go!!…No.

Ah! What the heck, I’ll look at it as a mini road trip…NOT!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Yoli Went Belly Dancing!!...

Well...not really. Finally after I don't remember how many weeks I really got to get familiar with my boyfriend's family, he's iranian so their culture is kinda weird. It was one of the beautiful "movie like" spring sundays...yes yes...we woke up early morning and right away got ready to go with the family. A little bit of carne asada and enjoy listening to my bf's family talking a language I really don't understand but I pretty much get entertained just looking at their faces and hearing manipulating their tounge to speak; then the ugly part comes, my 35 year old brother in law (who I really dislike) joined us along with a "teenager?!". My face turned blank and thinking just two months ago my brother in law's "fiance" telling me how much she loves him, OH MY GOD!...That ugly mutha fucka I hope his wee wee dries up and falls down to the ground and the worms eat it!....Anywho! that's not important (hope you die freak!).

So we finally got all together taking pictures of everybody, we were around 12 people plus 2 little girls (boy! the littlest one makes me nervous!!!!), we were all sitting down making a circle, the family was talking and laughin, I was laughing too but don't ask me why *sight*. Then I see the cutie pie of my bf nephew who is about my age....(if I were stilll single I would eat him head to toes..mmm..mmm) bringing two drumbs, well...I didn't know we were going to sing. I could have prepared myself to give my best gurgles; while the nephew was playing the drumbs everybody else was singing and clapping and one of my sisters in law was dancing in the midle of the circle...I remember watching all of that in the movies but never live on stage, it was exciting...then I took more pictures, it was a "KODAK MOMENT" I almost cried.

Well, then night came quickly and we went to the big brother's house, sure everybody was tired but not too tired to keep the dancing going....Oh goodness, I wished my family was like that...it reminded me, every time we have a family reunion in my family everybody ends up fighting and arguing...well...to begin with, there would be no family reunion because nobody likes each other...LOL, so there, my first "real" family reunion with "real" fun and "real" charisma with a "real" family that is not "officially" mine yet.

Everybody was dancing in circles and the women in the house where making these exotic moves "shakira style" and I was drewling just looking at them, my bf took me out to dance with them...well I must say I am a pretty good dancer but infront of family I turn in to a stick and I couldn't move not even the fingers but at least I tried, and by trying I twisted my left leg, I felt like an old woman! SHAME ON ME!. I still have the soar back and leg and to think I just dance like for 10 seconds yeeshh! I better start getting me some belly dancing lessons for next time. Oh by the way...there's another party going on next sunday so I better start practicing watching a full day of "shakira's videos" maybe something will stick on my head and I'll remember it no?. In the mean time....tah tah!