Thursday, February 26, 2004

Just yesterday I was thinking, I am some sort of cursed kitten...why?..simple, I have worked for 3 differente people in 3 different jobs and all of them have been fired. How can this be happening???...Now now don't think I'm responsible for these disgraces, things happen and you know it and they were all coincidential.

So today I thought, I will place a blog as if I am advertising me as a "lucky" charm. And here it goes:

If you would be desperately looking in the yellow pages or the news paper for "Head Hunters", my picture would be on the first page and this would be my add.

" If you are tired, desperate, and crazy looking for a better way of releasing yourself from the pressure, the pain and the agony your boss makes you feel because it makes your life miserable from 9 to 5 counting lunch breaks and even over time or even worst....YOUR DAYS OFF!!!. Do you want to get rid of all the problems but you are too busy to look for a job, or you have been working there for so long the roots under your office chair just won't let you go??...Stop looking!, Yoli can save you!...Yes, just call this number and have her working for your boss and before you know it your boss will be out of your job in no time....Yes....and the best part of all is you don't need to do a thing, just pick up the phone and dial this number and you will realize, if Yoli can't help you then nobody can...

Ok, gotta go because, it's 5:00 pm.